FBA shipping label can't print error message!


We have been fighting this for several weeks now, and it is only getting worse, not better. Hope Amazon gets something done soon on this! It is a frustrating waste of time.


Called support around noon eastern and was told it was a known issue and that lots of sellers had already called. Was told to try back in “a couple of hours”. Successfully printed UPS partnered carrier shipping at 1:30pm and 2:30pm.


file size 0 means the file is corrupt or was not fully downloaded resulting in a corrupt file

Just go to “reprint label” and reprint it or re-download it. Or void the entire shipment and re-do another.


Amazon’s tech team right now:


We bypassed this issue by installing the adobe plug in for Firefox


I think Amazon does this secretly on purpose when they’re warehouse inventory is to high so sellers can’t send inventory in :thinking:


We had this problem today too in Chrome. Used a PDF viewer extension though and was able to get the labels printed. Quality was less than stellar, but at least they printed.


This has been going on for a short while, I easily resolve it by changing and loading different shipping weights, often a couple of times is enough to do it.


If you are trying to print UPS labels, Adobe Acrobat Reader has problems with the Q-Code and will not open the PDF file claiming that it is corrupted. The file should be in your downloads directory. If you have Word, it should be able to interpret it. If you don’t have Word, there is a free program called WPS Office that I have used to get around this printing problem.
Also, I have been able to double click on the downloaded PDF file and Acrobat opens it with an error and the Q-Code is missing. I just print them out and let UPS worry about it.
Otherwise, other than getting an error the first time I try to buy a label, I’ve just gotten 4 completed.


You can download the PDF file first, then print it, instead of printing it directly. I did it successfully just now.


I always do this so that I have the file in case I need to reprint just one label or something.

  1. Save image to your desktop. 2. Open that image from WITHIN Adobe DC program. 3. Print from there.


I don’t do fulfillment . I ship out myself. Fba is more expensive. However, you do as you please.


I switched browsers and then chose the browser as print source instead of adobe and I was able to print labels again.


Almost a 100 post of same here! Same here! Same here. Same here. Same here. Same here. Me too. Me too. Me too! My God people! Refresh the page AND JUST WAIT!


Try using your mobile phone if you are on desktop (or vice versa)… this has worked for me in the past when I have had similar issues


Try refreshing the page


The problem yesterday was that the download file was 0kb…aka empty. Can’t open or print an empty file. Didn’t matter if you were on a different machine or browser. The file was still empty.


Disagree completely - the more mentions that they are being affected, the more attention this gets from the mods / Amazon.


Register for pirateship.com or sendle.com they’re both free to register and no membership fee.Then you can print your lables from there and copy and past the tracking number to Amazon. I use both.