Fba shipment


Provided the tracking number but shipment events not updating to in transit. how can I solve this?
It shows tracking events on the DHL website but not in seller central


Personally, I ALWAYS (see below) save ALL tracking numbers to my own files and track them directly with the carriers (or at least through one of those third-party package-tracking services) – Amazon’s tracking is NEVER going to be the best thing for you to rely on, with the sole exception of if you want to use a screen clip or such to show an inquisitive buyer and don’t want to go to the hassle of going to USPS or UPS to pull it up for them. Even then, it would be lazy customer service knowing that it isn’t always the most accurate.

I only rely on Seller Central’s tracking when I’m periodically reviewing batches of shipments over a time period to see how they all are doing/did, not when I NEED to know. Likewise, only the respective Delivery Confirmation services (they sometimes use different names for it) usually offer you the ability to label and such so you can know that “Cat Book for Dave” is delivered and etc.

“See below” here: I don’t actually always do that, but what I mean is whenever tracking a given package is deemed important enough that I want to have positive verification of progress and delivery for my own edification.


Thank you for your response, I’m a new seller and first time I created a shipping plan it wasn’t like this, this is my second time, just worried if there’s something wrong and so my package won’t get lost since amazon is not tracking my shipment


To answer that, the answer is a definitive “no” as far as Amazon’s tracking being indicative of a problem, it’s just too inaccurate. On the flip side, you do of course need to be aware that the BUYER may only be looking at this info, and may, whether they are scamming you or not, use that as their leverage about “no delivery confirmation so you can’t prove it was delivered”, even if on the USPS DC page itself, you would see “delivered at 2:21pm in Chicago, IL…”. (all the more reason to export tracking info so you can track directly with the carrier)

As for concerns about it getting lost and such in general, also keep in mind that Amazon has no ability whatsoever to do anything once it leaves their hands (same for any seller really), so they have nothing to do with it beyond offer the convenience of automated tracking for you, but that’s a “favor” if that makes sense.