FBA Shipment with Discrepancies - Recording more than I sent


Hello all, I sent a small box with six items to Amazon early last month. Two of those six items was a particular type of router. I noticed they started showing they received more than I sent, and after calling twice and emailing twice and being told they can’t investigate until the shipment closes (the date kept getting moved back since they kept adding routers) I was finally able to open an investigation three days ago after it shows they received an additional 370 of this particular router. As of last night, they emailed me and said they confirmed they have received unexpected additional units for the ASIN, that I can see this in my inventory report, and then asked if I was satisfied with the support provided. I got hit with storage fees for these last month also, as I deactivated the listing since I didn’t want to sell someone else’s inventory, however at this point I’m not sure what to do, as they don’t seem interested in figuring out where they belong since they are still in my inventory. Just looking for any input/assistance, thanks!


Good job closing the listing.

Request a “bin check” with images and point to your case inquiring about the excess.


I can attempt to do so, I’m assuming this will help get them to where they need to be?


First thing you need to do, is see what they are saying is yours. Could be as simple as some other seller used the wrong bar code making their labels.


I will see what this turns up, a part of why it took so long for the shipment to close is they had to disperse the units across several different warehouses. Unsure if they can bin check all of them but I will see what happens.


They won’t do them all, but chances are good you will get an image of what you did not send in with that amount of an overage. Are you using FNSKU or mfr bar code?


For these they would be mfr bar code for the two I sent in, didn’t require labeling on these. If I could get a bit more guidance if/once they get me an image from the bin check, after I receive that information what would be my next step? I’m already a little confused as to how they have investigated and confirmed the excess units, but nothing beyond that has occurred.

My fulfillment report shows them being received at across about 14 different warehouses at this point, all in sellable condition. I’m doing my best to make sure they hopefully can get back to their rightful owner but I’m struggling to figure out how to get that to happen.


That may not be within your capacity, but that seller will obviously be requesting reimbursement. For all any of us know this could be Amazon inventory or vendor inventory so don’t loose sleep over it as it is on Amazon at that point.

Time will usually sort this kind of thing out.