FBA Shipment Showing in Receiving, Hasn't left the warehouse yet?


Hi All,

So I have a strange thing happening with my LTL shipments to Amazon. We created a shipping plan last week and shipped it out to PHX7. That shipment was scheduled for delivery today and arrived today. Since that shipment left, we have created and shipped out another shipment which was also marked to ship to PHX7. However, when I got the notification tonight that the shipment had arrived and was being checked in, I was shocked to realize that both shipments show to be at the checking in stage at the Amazon warehouse. I know that there can not be a mixup due to one arriving before the other, because the second shipment is still sitting in my warehouse, and will not leave until next week. My only thought would be to sit tight and see what happens, but I would like to know if anyone has experienced this before.