FBA Shipment closed with discrepancies- MORE THEN I SENT


Hello friends. I have sent to FBA 2 asins in one box. The shipment is already closed with discrepancies. I do not know if I need take some action and there are pending transactions. Have you encountered the same situation before?


So are you saying that you shipped 30 of each asin?

And somehow one of the ASIN has almost doubled and the other ASIN tripled?

Were these by chance 2 packs or 3 packs that perhaps got split up?


All units were shipped in one box. I have already checked the weight of box . That number of products does not fit in the product box I sent.


As long as they are not multiples in one package, as in you want to sell a pack of two or three but Amazon counted them as two or three individual units…ignore it. Amazon will eventually figure it out.


Read this and check your reports.

It is probably a positive receipt instead of a negative one for a transfer or something.


I’ve encountered this situation several times. Generally, they figure it out, and the inventory gets set properly (not sure what the told the customers who ordered product that didn’t exist; had two of those).

But one time, they doubled only part of a shipment, and insisted it was correct even after I told them there were only one each. As orders for those books came in, I would get reimbursed for “Lost” items.


But were they multipacks? If you sent in multipacks that amazon broke apart, that would suck.

If it was all single items and they just somehow accidentally counted them multiple times, it may work out in the end.


Did it figure itself out? I have similar issue.
I sent in 5 units, but AMZ received 6000…in a 3 lb box. it has been 3 weeks and i cannot do anything. My restock limit it blocked, i cannot send in anything and all they say “it is not eligible for investigation”…


and I thought them telling me there were 10 units in a master box that can only fit 9 was bad. They investigated and said they were right. Impossible to fit 10 units, even if you are a Tetris Grand Master.

I assume like all businesses Amazon has to do an annual physical inventory count, at which time they probably find lots of units missing and lots of extra units too.