FBA returns without return and without reimbursement


Recently we found some FBA returns without return on Amazon Mexico Market. We contact Amazon seller support, we got a answer:

We have completed our investigation on your orders as below.
There are not eligible for reimbursement: We have not deducted any amount from your account for the customer refund.
Therefore, no reimbursement investigation is required.

The FBA customer returns policy in Seller Central:https://sellercentral.amazon.com.mx/gp/help/200379860?referral=A15EA6I3SH0CNM_ABRWG8G7CCLLY

Did Amazon change the return policy?
Anybody have the same issue?


This sounds like you weren’t charged for the customer refund.


Amazon didn’t charge us for the returned order. However we lost the products. Normally we always take back the returned products.


If you didn’t get charged for the return, you haven’t lost the product. You have a sale. From where I sit, you’re left with the same amount of money and product as if you had just sold one unit and the customer never contacted Amazon.


Oh, really? Let me double check.


Thanks. You are right.
I saw the refund replied and I thought Amazon refunded. Actually Amazon didn’t refund.