FBA returns on books high


Customers return books less than 30 days. They need to stop treating books as rentals.


Amazon customers can return ANYTHING they buy in less than 30 days. And you agreed to those (or better) terms when you signed up.

If you are getting a large number of returns that you think are just being read then returned, perhaps you should reconsider the type of books you sell. I get very few books that are returned after more than a week (although I have had one that Amazon accepted a return on after 5 months; a textbook returned right after the semester ended). It’s just a price of doing business.


5 months is past the 45 day return policy. Amazon should of charge restocking fees beyond that 5 month return. Textbook return after semester attract cheap students treating as rentals. If they wanted to rent, then they got rent textbooks instead.

Its funny when the students return textbooks. I reset the prices up. Cheapskates want to return someone cheap meaning they shouldn’t buy stuff to begin with.

I remember selling things on fbm with hardly returns. FBA has returns.


Agreed. Well beyond policy. But it’s happened once. I don’t think they should have done it, but nothing I can do.(to make it worse, book was not in the same condition as sold).

Within 30 days, however, is exactly what we both agreed to accept, whether FBA or FBM.

And yes, I’ve gotten more returns with FBA than FBM, although not really sure how the proportions work out. But ease of return is part of why people are willing to pay more for FBA service. Even with 5-6 returns/month that is typical for me, I’m still WAY ahead of what I could get selling FBM.


I don’t send slow moving items to FBA. FBM is less fees and you get shopping credit.


That’s a good plan (although hard to determine the best cut-off point), but has nothing to do with returns.
But if you sell a lot of best-selling fiction, I would expect a lot more return abuse than for non-fiction books.


I’m not worried about returns. More stuff still selling to make up the difference. Its business all in.