FBA return authorized after two months!


Two months ago, a customer purchased an FBA item from us for around $110. I haven’t heard anything about this item until today.

I received an email that amazon authorized a return for the item for around $115. Are you kidding me?

I have to follow extremely strict guidelines and cover my bases yet amazon can do whatever they please. I called Seller support and that did not prove to help anything. I was told to wait for the time to return to the fulfillment center to be determined the condition.

So why is it that Amazon can just avoid and ignore their policies while if I do everything right I can still be screwed over? Is there anyone who’s had this happen and what did you do?

I’m hoping to eventually get reimbursed for it.


Actually, Their policy says that they can do this at their discretion. You actually agreed to this when you applied for FBA. Surely you remember reading this before you applied…right?


The sentence before the yellow highlighted area might pretty much say it all.