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A while back I tested Refunds manager software which is supposed to go through your amazon inventory and automatically open cases for items that have gone missing. They got shut down by amazon because of opening too many false cases. They’ve resurfaced again and have “worked out the bugs” I was wondering if anyone has used them yet or a similar software?

Sorry if this is a repeat question - I search the forums under refund manager but could not find anything.

Thank you!


This is against amazon policy. to use automated systems.
Just Fyi


I am not sure what you mean by this. Most computer systems, by their very nature are automated, and we all use them. If this is against policy, please show us where in the regs that this is stated.

I have had a similar experience as OP. In the original Refunds Manager software, the program would automatically open cases without human review, so customer got swamped with these cases. I understand the new software does it differently.



I dug up the old thread that ended last April when sellers who were testing it started getting policy violation warnings. The rise and fall of the original service.



Thank you very much for the reply and for finding the thread. Was not aware there was policy violations involved the last time but certainly not worth the short money that might be found to generate a policy violation. Not sure if Refunds Manager has fixed any of these issues, but unless I see Amazon post something that it’s ok to use - I will not be trying them again.


Hello from Amazon. We have recently received a high volume of Seller Support cases submitted in error by sellers using automated services to access their FBA orders or inventory. High volumes of incorrect or speculative requests can interfere with our capacity to help other sellers and are a violation of our policies. For this reason, we ask that you do not allow automated services or third party software systems to open cases with Seller Support, and we have closed any pending cases submitted by these services. We are committed to providing you with fast and accurate resolution to any legitimate concerns or claims you submit. We welcome you to resubmit any cases that you believe are legitimate directly through Seller Central or by contacting Seller Support. There is no penalty for erroneous cases submitted to date using automated services. However, continued use of automated services in violation of our policies may result in removal of your Amazon.com selling privileges. To learn more about this policy, please search “Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions” in Seller Central Help. Thank you for selling with Amazon, Amazon.com Seller Support

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