FBA Received Our Item, But Then They Didn't? Am I Misinterpreting This?


I was doing some auditing of our inventory from the last couple months today and I noticed that we had 1 unit of a particular SKU that was unaccounted for.

Upon further research, we did send that particular unit to FBA but in Amazon’s FBA Shipments page it reports that it was reconciled as never received. However, when I look at the Inventory Event Detail Report for that SKU and Shipment ID it shows a “receipt” entry on 5/2/2020 of +1. But then, 7 days later on 5/9/2020 there’s another “receipt” entry for that same SKU and Shipment ID as -1, or not received.

Is this how it normally works when inventory is unaccounted for? It seems odd that Amazon would report an item as received only to change it 7 days later to not received. Shouldn’t it have been reported as lost and reimbursed? Do I have a valid case for reimbursement here?

Any advice and/or insight is a greatly appreciated!


For those that our interested, I opened a case with Seller Support pointing to the discrepancies in the Inventory Event Detail Report and even provided screenshots of those reports. About 2 hours later I received a reply that denied reimbursement. Here’s what I was told:

When we receive shipments with quantity discrepancies, we automatically initiate an investigation on your behalf for the items in your shipment.

As part of this investigation, we perform a second, physical count to reconfirm the quantity of the items received. Items are marked “Investigation Completed – shipment contents counted and confirmed” when we have completed the investigation.

We have completed an additional check in response to your request. We have no record of receiving the units in question.

Unfortunately, it looks like inventory reports cannot be relied upon when it comes to inventory that is lost when FBA receives your items.


Check your “receiced inventory” tab in fulfillment reports. It is not uncommon to have -1 received inventory. It means FBA cannot find your item, so they just say they never receive it .

This is a way to take away your inventory without reporting it as loss or damaged. I was able to win 1 claim before by keep pushing the case till cc jeff, extremely time consuming…


Thanks so much for your reply!

I believe that what you said is exactly what’s happened with this particular item. In the “received inventory” tab it shows the item was received 5/2, but then on 5/7 it shows -1 exactly as you mentioned. I even sent a picture of this report to Amazon support and they still claim it was never received.

If you don’t mind me asking, could you give me a bit more info on how you won that claim? Did you reopen a different case or keep responding to the same case? Was there any additional evidence you supplied?

I appreciate your insights!