FBA Received more Items than I Shipped


I recently made a shipment to Amazon FBA with 18 total units. Somehow, Amazon is saying they received 418 units. In my account, the item I’m selling shows 400+ available. I have already sold more then I originally sent in, and Amazon is shipping out the product. I’m not sure what they are shipping out. I am unable to reconcile the shipment until August 12th. What should I do?


I am the same way. Some goods have not been signed for at all, and some goods have been signed for several times the quantity I sent out. I don’t even know what they delivered to the buyer


I would stop sales of the item until you figure out what is happening. You can do this by setting the item’s Offering Release Date into the future. Of course this question was posted 8 days ago so this advice may be a little late.