FBA prep of small items: can we use poly bags with zipper?



Amazon says poly bags for small products must be “sealed”.

What kind of seal is required? Are poly bags with a zipper accepted? Is it considered a seal?


Sealed as in Heat Sealed - Cannot be opened and closed without a clear indication that the product has been opened or tampered with.


I receive orders all the time (especially clothes) that are in a poly bag with a zipper and are not Heat Sealed?


Not best practice by any stretch of the imagination.

Does it happen? - lots of things happen here. Is that the way it should be done - Nope.



Doesn’t look like it’s a requirement ➙ Poly-bagged units.

  • Poly bags must be completely sealed.

I didn’t see anything about zip lock being OK. Sealed to me, means sealed and tamper evident.

Maybe I’m wrong. Who knows.

Using a zip lock opens up the possibility for a lot of BS I wouldn’t want to deal with if I were a polybag item seller


We are talking about FBA prep of the so-called “small products” :slight_smile: