FBA mixed my inventory and my return rate reached 20%. Need your advices here


Dear Sellers

Today 2 of my listings were closed due to high return rate 19% and 20%. When I read the customer feedbacks majority of them are because of receiving wrong item. Also several other customers reach out to me saying the same. We have already an open case about these for more than 3 weeks now regarding reconciliation report is not correct and items are mixed within each other. Today after realising almost half of the customers ordered these items receiving wrong items I contacted them again and they said it is elevated to internal team and they are looking in to it. So my questions to experienced sellers are:

  1. Is there a way to accelerate the process of correcting my inventory numbers with seller central?
  2. How can I claim loses from returns to Amazon caused as a result of FBA mixed up my inventory?
  3. The items are packed in a very specific protection, there is no way customers can pack them same way, so even if they are fulfillable I don’t want to send them back again to customers. How can I ask amazon to reimburse those items.

Thank you for your valuable advices in advance.

  1. Remove the items from FBA to see really what happened.
  2. Never comingle items send to FBA.
  3. Wait for amazon reply.


Well, the cause of the issue determines reimbursement or not. Do you label your units, or do you pay Amazon to do it? Are these ‘wrong items’ your products; just not the right products?

When it comes to issues like this, we immediately close the FBA listings in question, and do a removal order. However, we label our own units so if the fault was us, we relabel and ship back to Amazon. If you paid Amazon to label, I would still disable the offers (stranding the inventory) to prevent future sales and issues until the situation is cleaned up.

Without more information, specifics about your financial situation are not going to be accurate.


@MAV-DAK thank you for the reply, here are some more details.
We label our products and labels are correct they are not labelled wrong, we made sure of it. Amazon mixed the inventory in particular warehouses not at all of them, because not all our customers receive the wrong item. Only customers from the same region which proves that only one fulfilment center mixed the inventory, others are just ok. One of the item is our best seller and if I close the listing, I will be in a financial loss that I cannot recover after holidays.

So I assume number of the items mixed are not very high and I sent to seller support order IDs that was received wrong items so they can identify the problematic fulfilment center. So It is just they need to check that particular fulfilment center and correct the inventory.

After hopefully fixing the issue, I would like to claim reimbursement for the returns which caused as a result of this mess. but I don’t know the right way to do it because I don’t know exactly which returns caused by this and which are not. Customers don’t always clearly state the reasons.

Thank you for your inputs.


This may suggest some problems with the labeling. Maybe amazon rebaled the items because your labels were damaged, unscanable etc.
When amazon sends items to customers, they are scanned, so the label has to match the order.
Was your shipment split to few earehouses, how many ?
Some conflicting information…


So, what is what ?


@SHAHAR thanks for the reply . Here are some clarifications.

Shipment was splited to 3 warehouses, but after that I think amazon also distributed to others. If stickers were unscanable, don’t you think amazon would notify me before relabelling them?
About scanning the labels to the order, this is also what I don’t understand, it is basic fulfilment center feature to scan barcodes before sending out. But as I said portion of the customers receives the right item other portion just not.

I sent to seller support the order IDs which I could identify because customer contacted me about the issue through messaging. Others I can’t identify and I can’t distinguish the returns which caused by this reason. Customer don’t always put enough information as return reason.

Thank you,


No, they fix, or try to fix problems,
If indeed the problem was with your labels, we don’t know at which stage is was relabeled…amazon has the records because they charge for relabeling…
You can get more info about returns;
sellere central / inventory /inventory planning / manage FBA returns.

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