FBA Manager



Is this legit and has anyone used it? Apparently they work to track down items Amazon may have lost and refunds you for anything they cant track down. They also work to remove any bad feedback caused from the items shipped by Amazon. They take 25% of whatever you get back.


Never heard of them, but sounds like a waste of money to me.

You can do all that for free just by keeping an eye on things in reports every now and then.

Plus seems to me you’d have to give them far too much access to your account, what happens if they do something to get you suspended? Say “sorry” and move on?


I’ve used it, and I know others who’ve used it. for me, it wasn’t worth it because I keep on top of my missing items and refunds. For someone who hasn’t, it can be worthwhile–one friend of mine got over $2K in reimbursements.

So it really just depends on your business needs.


Isn’t this outdated? Warehouse damaged and lost items are automatically reimbursed. Refunds are reimbursed if the items are not returned within 45 days. What else is there?


automatically my asterisk. it works about 90% of the time. fbamgr catches the ones where it should have happened but didn’t, which is, in my experience, about 10% of the time. if yours are coming through at 100%, Good on you, but that hasn’t been my experience.

for example, the $150 toy they refunded six MONTHS after I sold it. had to chase them down for that one.(no I am not exaggerating, it sold Nov 12 and they refunded may 31).


As long as they ask for money before and only when they can track down lost items then it may be worth it.


I wouldn’t share my login details and access to my account with just anyone…


every third party automated tool requires login data. it goes into an encrypted form and is passed to the Amazon servers. human eyes don’t see it. I’ve used a variety of third party tools for almost ten years, and never once had an issue.


wow,what a cool seeming service.
thahks for posting this.


“it goes into an encrypted form”

sometimes, yes. sometimes, no. ultimately, if you share your login info on a website other than amazon, you are trusting that website with the information. if they encrypt it, you are trusting their encryption. no?


I’ve had pretty good success. I see they use the example of “Distributor Damaged” on their website. I have never had success in getting reimbursed for DD. I can’t be the only one. Or maybe I’m cursed.


I gave this a shot after seeing this thread on Saturday morning.

Took about 10 minutes to sign up, download, set-up and start running.

Let it run for 36 hours straight and it opened 21 Missing Inventory cases in that time.
13 I received a credit, 3 are still pending and 5 I did not receive a credit. I’ll be getting a couple hundred in reimbursements that I didn’t know I was entitled to (about half of which have already been paid). Not bad for 10 minutes work :slight_smile:

It does not seem to have filed anything in regards to negative feedback, but I’m not really sure what it’s supposed to do about negative feedback, so…


I am giving this a try… I gave them a call and had a nice chat. It may take up to a week for us to tell how it is working as the speed is based on number of SKUs and we are quickly approaching 9K SKUs (hard for me to imagine 3 years ago when we started we would be at 9K SKUs now).

We used to manually track all the info, but after FBA started the automated reimbursement we just did not have the time time to keep up with it as 90% FBA handled fine. Now we are so back loged in checking for lost reimbursements this may be the solution… and found money.

Not sure if I will keep using it or if we will develop our own tracking system… hoping this does the trick as keeping up with Amazon code changes is a full time job and this way someone else is handling those changes.


Please let us know how it works out Chief.


Don’t tell that to the people who used Appeagle when they experienced a “glitch”.



How did it work out?

I wish the website would have more information about the company, as in their actual business name, address, etc.


It is still running and they have recovered over $10K in combination of lost inventory and inbound UPS preferred carrier damaged items.

My quick math 6 months ago I thought FBA automatically refunded us about 90% of the time… I was way wrong.

It is costing 25% of what they recover, and that is now enough that I have our IT people discussing how we can write our own code for our back end system so we do it ourselves.

That said, this service is very good and the 3 times I called customer service, 2 times they answered and helped right then, the other I left a message and they called back 30 minutes later and solved the problem.

They offer other services including feedback removal and some interesting reports, so it is for sure worth a try… what do you have to loose?


I should have also mentioned, only works with a PC. We are now a Mac shop except for the lone PC laptop in the corner that we use for Dazzle/Endicia… so we have it running on that. You need to pretty much have the PC on all the time with it running. If you don’t have a PC and are on Mac not sure what you would do.


Mac users can get windows hosting for quite cheap these days


Or buy Windows 7/8 and install Parallels. I’m going to give this software a shot.