FBA item hiccup


I sent in some boxes of items, after Amazon Receiving, it said 3 Items were missing. Even after the shipment was closed. I tried to reconcile and Amazon said it had already been investigated, items were not received.

I contacted support they told me the same and I cant do anything further… Case Closed…

1 month later, all items show up in my inventory, all are Active and for sale now…

Why did this happen? Its kinda frustrating to be told your sold out of luck and make it look like it was your fault then they quietly just list your items after an entire month goes by


Amazon is huge. Have you ever looked at the size of their warehouses? Is it any wonder they lost something for a little while? I personally lose my phone at least once a day, so I cut them slack when mistakes are made , as long as they are corrected.


Yeah you are right. I am grateful they fixed the problem, but I was just highlighting seller support side. How they kinda just tell you, ur sold out a luck…


and this outcome doesn’t always occur.


It’s common and it happens a lot. Amazon’s receiving process is so complex it makes errors all the time. Getting things right for us is way down on Amazon’s To Do list.

It isn’t Seller Supports fault. Warehouse receiving is independent of SS and they have no input into what is happening there. BTW, that “no reconciliation allowed” message is not really final. You can someties press the issue and get the issue investigated or reimbursed.