FBA is really getting annoying


Long-time FBA seller here with a few rants.

  1. They are really screwing up a lot of orders lately. 3 of the 14 feed backs I’ve received in the last month are negative for messed up FBA orders. Orders missing, not shipping, or wrong products. My feedback page is filled with strikeouted red feedback.

  2. Reserved. I know reserved means a lot of things. I used to find that 90% of the items I had in “reserved” where actually sold, and the other 10% where removed from reserved within a day or two. Now I have plenty of items on reserve for weeks or months it seems. Just sitting around waiting for someone to do something about. My inventory sitting around collecting dust.

If Amazon wants more sellers to eventually move to FBA, which I’m sure will be the requirement a few years from now, they need to get on top of their game and hold them selves to the same accountability they have us follow.

/end rant


I’ve been ranting a bit myself lately … Sadly some things can be expected to happen every year.

  1. They are really screwing up a lot of orders lately.

      The influx of the seasonal help at the FCs usually causes this.
  2. Reserved

      I guess I should watch closer … but I don’t notice the extended reserves


Be sure to request removal of all of the bad reviews caused by FBA. They will be automatically removed and not included in your ratings. Also, they will remove any reviews that are actually product reviews which do not belong in that section. You have to vigilant but so far I have been able to keep a 100% rating by doing this. If the problem is really your fault, I also recommend the sincere apology and a refund. Most people will remove a bad review if you get right on it and let them know that you are really sorry and ready to make amends.


That is the reason in my opinion too…hopefully, season will pass soon and everything will be back to normal (whatever “normal” means).
In my case, I see more than usual “warehouse damaged” units (my “usual” is more like “rarely”) and I use packaging with all kind of “resistance to”, including puncture resistant. So, I know that my products are not easily damaged.


They will remove your feedback. But I wish they would totally remove it instead of just striking a line through it. They should just send the customer an email that they took responsibility for the bad customer service.


I have to agree with this. I occasionally get a note from them telling me to be more careful when I put together my FBA shipments. I always roll my eyes since I know how “careful” they are when they unpack my shipments and miscount them, lose them, damage them, unbox sets, and don’t pack them well when shipping to the customer…

I have a love/hate relationship with FBA. But it would be always in the love part if they would just-start-receiving-shipments-accurately. Really, how hard could that be?


I will add one more rant to yours and that is about receiving items in the correct quantity.

I have had shipments recently that I triple check at three different points, pulling items to package and box, checking off the quantity of boxed items and then another check for the quantity total when I am packing in the larger shipping box to FBA and identifying which amount is in each larger box.

I try to keep all of the same SKU and FNSKU together in one box to FBA to make it easier for them to check in and I am also uploading a box total for each box per item/SKU and it still doesn’t seem to help items being received properly, when I know darn well that I went through three triple checks to assure that the quantities for each item were accurate and correct.

I then have to wait three days to reconcile and sometimes it is corrected within that time period and other times not.

This is what annoys me the most about using FBA lately.



I’m aware of the feedback removal. It’s the reason I check my feedback daily.

And fba is totally at fault. Late deleveries, wrong products. These are things completely out of my control.

I still do love fba. I’m going on vacation for the next week and will have made money while I was gone. Don’t worry, I’ll continue to check my account … and feedback daily.

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