Fba inventory unsellable customer damage


anybody experianced this, wondering about reimburments,


There is no reimbursement for FBA customer damage.


Correct. No reimbursement for FBA buyer damaged.

FBA buyer damaged = Nope
FBA shipper damaged = Nope
FBA damaged in warehouse = Yes
FBA buyer returned wrong item = Yes

We have only been successful lately with reimbursements for wrong item returned where the LPN does not match the item originally sold. (sometimes Amazon warehouse error and sometimes probably buyer switching products). We check every LPN and file for reimbursement when appropriate.

I was hoping FBA shipping damages would receive a reimbursement but they haven’t lately.


Just received a reimbursement from FBA shipper damage. This has not been happening lately but received one today. Keeping my fingers crossed it will happen again.



how to find which order it was by LPN number:
it has LPN RR - 5 numbers - then 4 big numbers
If same item sold several times, how can i figure which one is from which customer


This link will take you to the FBA returns page. Just enter the entire LPN number and click Search. Make sure to include the LPN for example LPNRR860804796. (it is case sensitive so make sure to use upper case letters).

And make sure to change the Customer Refund Date to Last 180 Days.