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I used FBA Inventory Placement Program a couple days agao, and my goods has been delivered to amazon warehouse.
I will pay for this program, but I’m wondering that, since my goods has been delivered, how can i know the payment is ? does my accound show this fee?



Are you referring to the shipping charges that you will incur by using an Amazon partner carrier or are you referring to the payment you will receive once the items are sold and Amazon ships them?


The fee structure is clearly laid in the Help Files.

You can see what the actual fee you will be charged in your Payments screen. Click to the detail page.

*This is for the ability to ship to warehouses of your choosing rather than letting Amazon pick for you.


The fee for each item I sell is $.30. Normally the amount X number of items in the box is deducted from your account (same like monthly pro seller fee) 2-4 weeks after the box is received.

Example: A box with 100 items in it incurs a charge of $30. Received in warehouse on 15 July and deducted from account in early August.

Highly recommend the IPP!

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With the Inventory Placement Program, you do not choose any warehouse. Amazon chooses it when you create a shipment for FBA.


You will see it come up in your transaction view on your dashboard. You can look under the “All Transactions” view or “Service Fees” view. It will state: “FBA Inventory Placement Service Fee” to see more specifics, click into it by clicking on the amount they charge you and then on “view details of this transaction”.

The fees are not taken out regularly as a word of warning. You may see it a week after the shipment hits, you may see it three weeks. Some people are surprised by it coming later and not realizing that it is not rolled into the shipping fees.

Sagemaiden: I didn’t see where the OP said they don’t know the fees, they are looking for where they can view them. It’s a fair question to ask where they can see this transaction.

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You are setting yourself up for failure.

Blindly shipping off products to Amazon without knowing what your costs and margins are is Not a good idea!

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