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We are beauty selling getting a lot of complaints about counterfeit products within our FBA inventory. Our products come from our salon thus we know they are 100% authentic. However we decided to order a few products from our competitor. To our surprise we where sent OUR OWN PACKING INENTORY. We pack our bags with certain labels thus we know it was our product.

My question is can amazon mix up seller inventory within the FBA warehouses?

Is this legal ?



are both products in the same listing? if so, is your FBA set to comingled? if it is, yes to both of these then the answer to your question is yes. Might want to get away from comingled.


What are the advatages and disadvantages of comingling?


First off, co-mingled or not co-mingled, I have first hand experience of amazon supplying order for other sellers from MY company’s fba stock.

Second, co-mingling is NOT a good idea if there are items similar but not exactly matching (say different brand) your item and those other items are of inferior quality.

So, for instance, if you have a made in usa widget typeA that is being knocked off in china that are not of the same high quality. You may list your typeA for sale and others can list chinese typeA’s at the same cost or below. A buyer, perhaps a repeat buyer, may then unwittingly purchase a chinese typeA from you even though you only sell us made ones simply because you co-mingled with the cheap chinese junk.
Buyer may not be happy.

you can imagine other scenarios too, I am sure.


Bottom line, we have comingled for 2 years. Not having to label most products is a time and money saver. We sell around 400 items a week. Labeling that many products would be maddening.

That being said, comingling could be much better if Amazon would require more vigorous inspection of items being received. For instance, we ship in a perfect coffee maker. Another seller ships in the same coffee maker, except the box is beaten up, or a clearance sticker is ripped of the front of the package…etc.
Someone buys from us, they get shipped the other seller’s product. Unhappy customer, I eat the return!!

Please Amazon, put standards on for brand new inventory!!


How to do if I don’t need stickerless commingle?Which service I should select ?Thanks


How to do if I don’t need stickerless commingle?Which service I should select ?Thanks

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