FBA Inbound Transportation Fee


Is there any report or API that gives FBA Inbound Shipment Charges / Cost, after you have shipped.

Need to know how much each shipment costs against shipment id.

We get all the items in any shipment via ListInboundShipments and ListInboundShipmentItems, however there is not charges / cost information even after shipment is closed or any other status.

Purpose is to know average shipping charges per item.


You just have to guess what your end user is paying per lb. Like $.30 per lb, etc and add that to your calculations i think. Not ideal by any stretch but not sure you can get this data


Yeah, there doesn’t seem to be any way to do this, which is too bad.

Actual shipping charges are reported in the settlement report, but unfortunately they don’t list which shipments the fees are for. Transaction type is “other-transaction”, and “amount-description” is “FBAInboundTransportationFee”, but no shipment ID is listed for them.


This is a 5 month old thread, but in the Fulfillment Inbound Shipment section of the API there is a call for GetTransportContent that includes the cost for partnered shipments for any given FBA shipment id :



That’s great to see. I thought the estimate would be removed after the void deadline, but it does still seem to be present even after the shipment is received by the FC.
The question then is if/how often these estimates are revised. No matter, this is great news. Thanks for setting me straight!