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PLEASE. I have several listings where Amazon fees are higher than 50 percent. These items are all small selling units and weighing 2 or 3 ounces. On one listing,Amazon is charging 9.35 in fees on an item selling for $7.20. I can not find how to contact them and have looked at the listings, nothing wrong on my end. Do I just take back merchandise and try to sell elsewhere? HELP!


Post one or two affected ASINs, and perhaps someone can see where the problem is. Sounds as if the size and/or weight are incorrect, but looking at the listing could tell us for sure.


FBA fees (except referral) have little to do with price. They are all about size and weight.

On your $7.20 item.
$1.08 referral
$8.26 fulfilment

Package Dimensions: 0.9843 X 2.4803 X 20.6299 inches
Unit Weight: 0.4101 pounds

Amazon has the longest side as over 20 inches. That makes them not standard sized.

Did you run the Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator before you decided to send these in?

You might want to increase your price so you do not continue to loose $$


You can recall your inventory, and still sell on Amazon - but ship them yourself. FBM


@Lucy_s_Beach_House Please take a look at Amazon’s image requirements. Most of the first images you have violate it.

The following bullet points are also not allowed

This is not the bay.