Fba fees


Hello everyone,

I have a question about my fulfillment fees the product measurements are
Width 22 Length 15 Height 4 Weight 4 lb
So i should be in the small oversized category which I confirmed through fulfillment reports.
My confusion is about the rate of my fulfillment fee which is 12.06 from what I understood from the seller central help tab info i cant remember the exact numbers now but it $8 and .38 for ever 2lb above 2lb. So when I calculated it I should have approximately 9 dollars fulfillment fee. I have contacted seller support and they answered based on my dimensions my fulfillment fee is 12.06 and no clarification even though at the top of the email i said we would like to have a clarification… so could you guys nicely explain it to me with thank you


look at your product in Manage FBA Inventory. on the right side of that products row look at fee preview and it’s drop down display. this will have more fee info.


I did man it says fulfillment 12.06 no weight handling or any charges.

is my understanding of the small oversized wrong It should be `9 not 12