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Alright, I am pretty sure I put in the box dimensions right and the weight, The FBA fees are still more than what I was gonna sell each unit for, Does Amazon really think I am gonna owe them more than what I am selling them for? Could it be because of how many I was ordering which was 150? that still don’t seem right


Use the Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator to compare a similar item. Quantity has no bearing on the fees.


What do you want to price your item at and how much does Amazon want to charge you per item in fees?

Before adding any fees many experienced FBA sellers figure out what price they want to sell the item for and then add the fees to that price so they have a decent profit margin after the sale.


I realized my mistake, I was putting in the overall box weight instead of each units weight so I put in the right info and now the fees are looking like they should, Thanks anyway.


Yes. AZ does allow you to sell at a loss…in fact its encouraged to get more sales :smiley:

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