FBA feedback strike through


Has anyone had any luck getting their negative feedback removed on an FBA order? I read a few threads lately where the feedback should have been struck through and it wasn’t. Now I have one.

The feedback states that the buyer received the wrong item. Amazon shipped it, so it should be struck through. I have reopened the case twice already.


Our Customer Service Team had no more difficulty, just yesterday, in having a 1-star Product Review feedback automatically removed by the Feedback Removal Amabot, immediately upon request, than has historically proven to be the case (an INAD [i.e., “Item Not As Described”] situation, in which the Amazon Buyer subsequently voluntarily contacted us to admit having assigned that deleterious Seller Feedback incorrectly to the wrong Order ID via resort to the disabilities capabilities available through their dumbed-down mobile device smartphone).

While it certainly seems evident to me that it would be difficult to make any convincing case that there is not a ‘New Sheriff In Town’ aspect to the many reports of the Feedback Removal Team’s recently-evident refusals to follow published policy, I strongly suspect that those subject to this troubling paradigm-shift (there exist reports, which I believe to be credible, that even the pricey Account Managers available via participation in the SAS-Core Program have recently had their Feedback Removal privileges rescinded) are suffering from Amazon’s typical approach - swatting flies with sledgehammers, so to speak - to bad and/or ill-informed actors abusing its intent(s) in deploying this or that policy/initiative.

I also suspect that our own apparent insulation from the worrisome exposure to such ill-favored circumstances rests squarely upon a perception on Amazon’s part that our demonstrable history of going to great lengths in supporting Amazon’s desired goal of providing a superior level of Customer Experience represents evidence that another time-honored Amazon approach - setting thresholds that must needs be exceeded in order to gain its approval for this or that SOP being employed by this or that of its “Selling Partners” (3P Seller or Vendor) - is indicative that we ourselves have (at least, currently; resting solely upon one’s previously-earned laurels is, demonstrably, a quite-shaky seat when dealing with Amazon) passed that muster…