FBA fee?


I need help about FBA fee please.

I used be sold books on FBA, then I did Removal Order for all my books. But since that , Amazon start charge me 21 cents every month. I looked at my inventory, but nothing there. Then I find out removal order is canceled for 1 book. I tried removal again, but I keep getting error message.
What can I do?
Thank you.


Open a case with seller support. This is something that they actually can handle without giving you bad advice. They will take care of it for you.


Thank you for your advice.
How to open a case? I did once but they stop answering my question then they close the case. I can’t remember how to open a case.
Thank you,


Amazon keeps making it harder for sellers to open cases. Use this link to open a case.


Thank you! I will try it.