FBA fee reimbursement policy: Weight and dimensions


To provide a consistent experience for sellers, Amazon has standardized the time frame for requesting reimbursement of FBA fees charged using inaccurate weight or dimensions. Sellers now have 90 days from the date a fee was charged to gather the required documentation and ask Amazon to investigate whether its measurements of a product are accurate. For more information about submitting a request and the documentation to provide, visit FBA fees reimbursement policy: Weight and dimensions.


Any possibility that FBA could send a notification to sellers whenever there is a change to the weight or dimensions (and the associated fee increase or decrease) to their listed ASINs?


This is likely to prove extremely welcome news to FBA Sellers; the official appearance in published policy of the guidelines to be used in submitting a dispute of incorrect information being used in the Fulfillment Network, as is now available in the “Submit Your Request” section of the new Seller Help Content, has been sorely needed (and well-clamored for) for some time.


It is not clear whether this applies retroactively or starting today (for all FBA-fees charged as of today).
Reason would dictate it should not apply retroactively. Meaning that if you were assessed an incorrect fee 180 days ago you should still be able to get that reimbursed.


The new help page does mention that submitting a request for reimbursement under this new official policy is limited to a 90 day window, so I suspect that they’ll hold us to that.


They used to do this, I’m pretty sure I know why they stopped. It’s a shame. Please add this feature back.


I honestly think that should not be the case. You cannot hold someone to a policy for a time where that policy didn’t exist.
@Amazon_News could you please clarify this concern for us?


Great. I have been selling on Amazon FBA for ten years now. It means they will just hew haw around for 90 days now and still do nothing to fix the problem. I will ask for a sku to be checked because I know it is wrong and they will come back with all sorts of answers except the right one. I even had one CSA tell me that they had measured and weigh three times and I was no longer allowed to ask them to check it. Even though it was still wrong. I finally closed the sku, had the product sent to me and relisted it. I guess we should check but I have not even bothered to check now in about six months.


I’ve gone through 2 reviews and provided documentation with images proving my items are under .75 inches for the small tier shipping and nothing. All my items are .5 inches and under, but they tell me my bags puff up with air and cause the machine to think it is over .75 inches. Some of my products are virtually flat and still get hit. This has cost me literally tens of thousands of dollars in additional shipping fees.


Always check your transactions! I lost hundreds of dollars in FBA fees. They measured a product completely wrong, and were charging me + $5 a sale ($10 total) extra. I had already sold 100 units. Was a HUGE hassle to get them to refund me the amount, and they only partially refunded me what I was owed.Took them months before the fees were even returned to me, literally 1 reply a month from seller support. It was awful…


Out right fraud perpetrated by Amazon.
Change dimensions and weight… see how long it takes sellers to catch it, and then offer to re-weigh and re-measure.

Then keep their illicitly trumped up fees they’ve already charged.

absolutely pitiful.


I’m sorry, but this is not good news!
Amazon randomly changes the weights and sizes of our product without even informing us that they have done this.

Surely the correct thing to do is put some processes in place first.

  1. Any change to product size or weight that would mean increased charges to the seller is double check and confirm by two people.
  2. An automated email is sent to the seller to inform them that the product size or/& weight has been changed, and hence, the fees will be increasing from “x” to “y”

Like others above say once someone at Amazon has randomly changed my product weight from 200g to 2kg, it’s essential that we are made aware officially, rather than expecting us to monitor reports. Telling us now that you might change the product weight or size at any time in error and if we fail to see then you will keep the money you have obtained via an error, seems not a fair business practice


I just had to manually pull 281 orders that were incorrect this is the second time I’ve had to do this with in a calendar year and they’re going to tell us now that for their mistake we have 90 days to correct it?? what is that??? That’s ridiculous


It’s part of my weekly check list now to check that fees have not been changed on the products I’m selling.

It happens fairly regularly

I just got reimbursed for one a couple of weeks ago and notice that there’s an issue with another product today- just opened a case for a cubiscan.

I don’t have many SKUs so it is relatively easy.

For those with a lot of SKUs it would be difficult to monitor

We definitely should be receiving notifications when this happens

We used to receive automated emails when changes were made to a listing


There is air in the bag that leads to more than 0.75 inches. I have too much of this! In fact, I think it is more reasonable to use the length of the length, width and height of the three sides to determine whether it is a small standard part.


I have discovered this situation a number of times quite by accident . Each time I’ve requested a cubiscan to have the item remeasured and the fee corrected (and get a reimbursement if appropriate). I don’t actually have a problem with Amazon instituting a new policy limiting our ability to reach back over 90 days for corrections.

HOWEVER, I do think that in all fairness, if Amazon is going to implement this policy it should also trigger an email to the seller at the time the dimensions/weights change.

That would be a good business policy and could be easily automated. Then a 90-day limit for submitting complaints would be easy to understand.


Here are 2 facts:

  • Amazon stopped sending out ASIN change notifications which increases chances that we won’t be able to catch any dimension/weight changes

  • Amazon now wants to limit any reimbursement for fees charged to 90 days which again increases chances for them not having to reimburse us

Here is another situation I am facing and maybe not just me:
For all of last year until now I was charged incorrect storage fees due to Amazon randomly changing dimensions and weights. When I asked them to correct this (cubiscan) and to reimburse me they said they cannot do anything for me because I had no inventory present at the time.
Well, now that I have inventory at the FC, their new policy would dictate that they would not reimburse me for all of last year until 90 days ago?
They prevented any reimbursement when I did ask and now are preventing it again?

I have never seen such a bizarre application of new policy.
When a new policy is established its application should start from that very date or some announced date in the future. It sure should not apply for the past where it did not even exist.

I believe the right way to do it would be to say: all fees charged prior to yesterday are not subject to that policy, all fees charged starting yesterday and going forward are subject to this policy.

They were many other instances where Amazon managed to give us an alert several months prior to upcoming changes, why not this time?

@SEAmod, is there a chance you could discuss the conflicts with applying this policy RETROACTIVELY with the business team and have them lift this unfair retroactive enforcement?


How about a time frame to get this reimbursement? We have several cases waiting for the reimbursement for almost a year, and the only response we get is:


How many thousands of dollars have you had to pay me alone till you decided to make the worst possible fix to the problem that helps no one but you. You need to notify sellers of detail page changes not rely on third parties to track changes and force sellers to submit within 90 days, this is only going to force sellers to need an electronic tracking and create more seller support cases.

WHO is coming up with this stuff?! Amazon obviously continues to make changes that do not help sellers without listening to sellers or thinking about how bad this is going to make their already horrible support problem worse.


I know. This is making about half my listings go in the Large Tier shipping and costs me .84 cents per order. We sucked out all the air so they are more flat now, but they don’t get re-scanned ever. At least all my new listings are correct.