FBA donation program


I just read about the FBA donation program. Amazon can now donate returned or overstocked inventory to charities. It’s a great initiative to reduce waste but I can’t find much info. Is there any measure in place to prevent charities from re-listing the items (or selling them to people who re-list them)? We’re happy to donate our overstocked items to people who can use them but don’t want them to end up back on Amazon or another marketplace for sale.


Since the whole purpose of a charity accepting donations is so that they can sell it for money, I doubt there is anything to prevent them from listing on Amazon.
But if it’s an item you’re willing to get rid of, why do you care what happens afterward?


We sell private label products so they remain associated with our brand regardless of where they are sold or by whom. I’m asking specifically because:

  1. I want to dispose of an unpopular color variation. Currently for this category the reviews are combined across variations. I don’t want someone else selling the “ugly” color and generating negative reviews that show up on the listing page for the popular ones. I also don’t want to have to compete with another seller… there is no other exact alternative to our product so when someone buys the ugly color I am losing a probable sale of the other colors.

  2. Returned items could be damaged or soiled but our packaging currently has no seal so damaged products can be made to look new. If a damaged product is sold as “new” by someone who obtained it from a charity it is likely our brand that will receive the complaint.

Presumably Amazon at least labels products sent to charity the way they label removal orders. This will make it harder to resell the products as “new”. It would be great if they also labeled it in a way that would allow me to identify it if we receive a complaint… e.g. a label number that allows me to identify this as a unit that was donated to charity. I just can’t see info about this anywhere.