FBA Changes as we prepare for a successful peak (US)


Is this due to a lag in the score update? Any change since this post?


The ASIN level limits based on 90 day sales just reared it’s head. We are creating our shipping plans for sea freight for ASINs that we’re expecting to sell 400-500 units of and they are being limited to shipments of 200.

This is scaring me


Also curious, does anyone know how storage limits scale with IP? We are at 441 and I’m not sure there’s any way to get to 500 before the cutoff. Is it worth getting to 460 if we can?




Why did you like my post? Was excited thinking I had gotten a response from you. Misclick maybe? Seriously is there nothing that can be done about this nonsense for those getting limited out of business?

OH and the best part, footwear warehouses aren’t being overflowed. Checkin times are normal. We are just getting limited on everything because someone at Amazon doesn’t understand nuance of “standard size warehouses are overflowing and others are not”.


It only updates once a week so won’t see another score until Monday. I expect basically the same. A few points away from getting unlimited.


How long is the promo for free removals? It says begin on the 14th of July and runs till when? Trying to be tricky again?


Amazon never shares this info upfront.


Modl-Group… no you can’t go to a warehouse show up and hand them some boxes, those are only done by appointment, with partner carriers…

Might want to think about putting some up for sale by yourself, and maybe on other marketplaces…


To clarify,

The ISI score and inventory limits and the per sku limits are two different things. Am I correct? ISI score doesnt control if there is a limit on each sku? Therefore, the sku limits are indefinite and not coming off at any certain date?


I’m a 7 figure seller and this just screwed me badly. 3 months? They’re giving me about 3 weeks of inventory. Its impossible to operate like that . I have 10,000 units of a new product and they will accept 200. I spend 1000 dollars a day on PPC with these people. Thanks Amazon


Ok this is the same copy/pasted response that we’ve all heard a million times. Will the single-ASIN limits be changed for seasonal products? For example, since Winter Coats don’t sell in the spring and summer, will they not be able to be shipped to Amazon for the upcoming fall/winter season?


It could be a good change but Amazon Seller central has a stupid algorithm.

They prepared for Holiday without checking past years’ holiday sales. And only check past 30 days sales and not considering the out of stock days percentage.

Can’t believe how Amazon developed this kind of useless system. The designer knows too little about supply chain, algorithm and system design…


I’ve only had an account since November 2019, and just today got some ‘re-stock limits’. I can’t even find where my IPI is on the dashboard; it is not where most of the links online say to look.

Also, I find this sort of silly because every single company who didn’t have warehouses of product stocked prior to Covid-19 has been at the mercy of supply chains. Many of my products are backlogged from the manufacturer due to shortages, and freight delivery times went from 2 days to 2 weeks at times. Even worse, Amazon will keep my items in ‘receiving’ for over a month, meanwhile I’m out of stock.

Being garden based, I didn’t expect a tonne of sales during winter anyhow. And most of the products I order are back logged on the manufacturing / wholesale end.

2021 will be interesting.


the us 3rd party charge way more per units for mailing, that is entirely eat up the profit, which is not even that high to begin with


Most likely a 7 figure seller…


I hear everyone’s pain. We have followed Amazon’s inventory recommendation amount since spring and still under 500. All of our metrics are 100% green besides one that is fair. Something is not right with this


Will Amazon remove the send in limits for the sales spike in the 4th quarter? My IPI is under 500 but I need to plan for the holiday sales very soon as production and shipping take literally months. If I can’t create labels by end of September I wont have inventory in stock for end of November. This is a huge issue we are very concerned about.


You are probably finding links to where it used to be. It is now at this ‘Inventory Planning’ link at the top of the Seller Central page:


This is a big issue. Out of stocks rates are a component of the score, but staying in stock is much harder now than it used to be, from supplier availability to warehouse receiving.


According to Amazon, In-Stock rate does not have a direct effect on the IPI.


That is what we were told when the index was implemented. This is the current definition of the index:

Inventory Performance Index (IPI):

Your Inventory Performance Index is based on how well you keep popular products in stock, maintain healthy inventory levels, and fix listing problems.

  • FBA % In Stock

Percentage of time your FBA products have been in stock over the last 30 days (weighted on sales from the past 60 days).

  • Out of stock SKUs

Number of SKUs that went out of stock in the last 30 days. Restock soon to avoid missing sales.

  • Excess units

Units of inventory greater than the quantity needed to maintain 90 days of supply (or your max desired days of supply, if specified). Promote or reprice these products to help sell through your excess units.

  • Days in inventory

Days your inventory is expected to last, across all your products.

Their description implies that the out of stock rate is part of the IPI calculation.