FBA Changes as we prepare for a successful peak (US)


The limits on CU and quantity are most likely because the PO is already shipping above Xmas levels.


You are exactly correct.


That is not true. Week 29 determines the entire rest of the year.


That is exactly correct.


Amazon NEVER gives that answer.

Why is this freaking people out so much?
Think of it this way, when you misbehaved as a child:
Dad says “No TV tonight!”.
Mom says “You can sneak into the living room with me, after Dad goes to bed”.

Bottom line is, AZ hasn’t updated their computer’s yet to reflect the new limits.
No reason to lose your mind over it.


This has to be a joke!


That’s not true.
If you have 200 in stock, you cannot send more in.
After you sell 10, or 50, 100, or whatever, you may send in more, to replenish back to 200…or less.


Yes you are right theoretically. However this is my situation:

  1. My product are sent from overseas - I won’t be able to create a new 50units shipment unless the first 200 starts selling = there is a month gap I can create a new shipment

  2. Even if I find a 3PL locally, again have to wait till the first shipment start selling in Amazon plus my products are in pallets. It’s not economical to send anything under 200units.

I’m going to just suck it up and find other alternatives. In a way, thanks to this change of rule, I’m working so hard to expand my business to other avenue. Never put all the eggs in one basket!


I guess this all just proves Amazon is not a secure business for 3rd party sellers lol. We gave up control for lots of sales and now even our sales are taking a hit. I guess in the end better to have complete control over your business or be prepared to whatever change may come your way to possibly destroy your business!


thank you very much !


My god this entire thing is going to be brutal. So we removed a bunch of stuff, got our Excess Inventory down to 0, even completely removed some items that weren’t listed on Excess inventory but don’t move super fast and our score went up 1 point to 492. If taking drastic measures doesn’t improve your score by more than 1 point, what’s even the point of telling us to do things to get our scores up? At least give us more than a month since it very obviously takes a long time to get the number increased. Seriously unreal. Every item on our screen is some form of green and our overall score is red lol. Yes I understand we’ve figured out that these items don’t even likely figure directly into your score but then what exactly is the point of even having them on there? So, so, so, so frustrating.


What about Sellers who maintain an IPI score of 500 or more with the first check (week 29) but at the second check (Week 33 (the week of August 10, 202 the IPI score will be less?

Will this second check affect the storage limit?

I already received the email saying: "Your Inventory Performance Index (IPI) score is 564.

Because you have an IPI score of 500 or greater, you will not have storage volume limits from August 16, 2020 through December 31, 2020. "

So, I don’t need to worry about the second check?


I’m still waiting on shipments from June to be checked in.


I guess not. Because the first check was last week and we all received either “you will not have storage limits…” or “your limit will be xxx…” e-mails. The second checkpoint is the week of August 10 and ONE “greater than 500” should be enough according to the help page where it mentions either of these two score check weeks:



I agree! We could liquidate our entire inventory and sell everything for a $1 and it would probably only go up a couple points lol. This whole score is joke . We just need to only send in what will sell out immediately within the first couple hours or do removal orders. Amazon may be successful because they were one of the first to pioneer E-Commerce, but as a business they certainly don’t understand the word “balance”. The goal isn’t to sell everything at a loss or nearly a loss! That might work for Amazon, but for the average 3rd party seller that’s unrealistic!


To increase IPI,

  1. I have removed a lot of seasonal products which cost a lot.
  2. I have make a lot of promotions to increase selling;
    But my IPI only increase 0.1;

What I worry about?

  1. the units which I sent before I know IPI 500, they are still on the way to FBA. so what final limit for my account ? will these units be refused to receive or charged a lot of money?
  2. how is about my seasonal products which I prepared now but there is no selling a lot because they are for winter, so ASIN limit will work on these ASIN?


I’m down to 20 units. The shipping plan is allowing me 180 units to ship (not 200 units). My supplier wants me to order 500 units for best price. Should I ship 180 to Amazon and have the rest shipped (320 unites) to my house? If yes, can I go to the new Amazon Warehouse near Seattle and give them more unites later to FBA so to save on shipping costs? I see no need to UPS when I can drive to the Amazon warehouse and hand them a bunch of boxes…


The sooner you accept that any benefit amazon provides you is only a bi-product of amazon helping themselves first, better off you will be.

Amazon is a business and we are all pawns in Jefffy’s game of retail chess… and never forget pawns are expendable.


Under the current removal fee promotion, would having auto-removals enabled and then removing just 1 unit disable your ability to send in any more of that ASIN for 90 days? We use auto-removal to remove customer returns that are damaged but I’m unclear why this should affect our ability to send in more units of the same ASIN?


Does anyone know of good facilites or solutions were we can ship our products, they just send in up to the limit, then store to ship as products sell? I