FBA Changes as we prepare for a successful peak (US)


We have never had an IPI score below the threshold.

Our current score has been 483 for months.

You put a restriction on our storage for Q4 that is half of what we need.

I know smaller volume sellers who have lower IPI scores who have more storage than we do.

Your entire system is broken.


I believe In-stock inventory rates does affect your score based on the following:

“…and keeping popular products in stock”.
Our in stock rating is at 60% and everything else in in the green so I 100% believe this is keeping our score lower. Our brands can not make product because they are experiencing extreme delays in their own supply so in turn we can not get product fast enough. This is ridiculous that this is hurting our score. AMAZON PLEASE REMOVE THE IN-STOCK RATE. We should not be penalized because we can not get product. That is ridiculous.


Isnt it shown under FBA Shipments, the very bottom, expand the storage and now there is a spot that says what it will be.


nor does it help when Amazon takes weeks to receive inventory.


Q4 2020 FBA Hurdles**, a recap:**

First hurdle for Sellers - IPI Score of 500 or greater in order to have ‘unlimited storage’.

Second hurdle for Sellers - The stock (per ASIN) you can ship to FBA is limited to approximately 3 months trailing sales.

Third hurdle for Sellers - New ASINs limited to no more than 200 units.

Fourth hurdle for Sellers - Incredibly long check-in period for FBA, all the while Prime snags the ‘buy box’ allowing Buyers to reserve a product that may or may not be in stock to be shipped in time to satisfy their needs.

I love FBA and my Buyers love FBA, but the sad truth is that unless you are considered an ‘essential product’, FBA is not going to be there for many Sellers, especially for seasonal products that move exponentially during the holidays.

We will ship maximum allowable per ASIN in September, and maybe October when we can, but for November, December and January, in order to have the ‘Buy Box’ where a customer can purchase and have the product shipped same day, we have no choice to go FBM this season.

Amazon has been slammed since this virus hit. They are reportedly short staffed and are currently shipping volumes (every day) that rival some of their busiest 2019 days. The truth is that shopping patterns have changed; people started buying goods online in March in greater numbers than ever and many are not yet going back to traditional retail, if ever. This is the new normal until Amazon is able to ramp up to meet demand, which may take a year or more.

Think, plan, pivot, adjust… and be happy that we have established ourselves online. Sellers that were ‘brick and mortar focused’ are in a much worse position. My only concern is will we still sell the same volumes filling orders FBM as we did with FBA?


What is the cutoff for the free removal promotion?


yep I just got capped at 200 items to restock, but amazon themselves are advising I order 550 units.

feel like i am taking crazy pills!


What am I supposed to do with 25 cubic feet of footwear when I am already using 22 cubic feet and have another 50+ inbound today? Total nonsense, then turn around and standard which I am using 9 feet of I have 50 feet of space? IPI was 470 and has been perfect for a long time, now suddenly on no notice my business is going to be cut off at the knees. Surely there is something that can be done about this?


Seriously, no notice and you guys are about to be charging me 10 per cubic foot per month on overrages that I couldn’t possibly know existed when I shipped those shoes in? Completely ridiculous when I am selling 20-30 pairs of shoes a week to be limited to around 50 pairs in stock total. Just backbreaking for business.


Would edit my prior messages but for some reason can’t figure out how to.

Trying to figure out how to drag my IPI up 40 points in 3 weeks. Don’t think it’s actually possible, but it is absolutely impossible when return orders take months and the whole time I am getting charged fees and having my IPI hurt.

Seriously Amazon, yall spent the entire time of Covid delisting FBA listings and killing our sell through only to tell us “nah IPI doesn’t matter don’t stress it” to then turn around a month later and go “oh just kidding IPI is all that matters, better bring it up overnight dramatically or your business is screwed”.

Pretty unreal how awful yall treat sellers. Upshot is, I guess Q4 is a great time to start selling on Walmart and eBay since yall are forcing me out of FBA anyways.


Under your IPI score it says:
“Updated weekly based on historical performance.”
The word “historical” is what concerns me as it is vague, in typical Amazon fashion. It seems like they are taking into account more than the 4 metrics you see. And as others with <500 IPIs and near perfect metrics have shown, improving those numbers may not equal a qualifying score. So will the amount of hustling I’m about to do over the next 3 weeks to try and get back above 500 even make a difference?

Also, I was offered and signed up for Amazon’s Global Logistics (AGL) program to handle my overseas shipments coming into the fulfillment centers. Of course, container shipments generally contain thousands of units of each SKU, with some SKUs being new to Amazon. So with these new FBA limits, how can anyone send in container shipments? I have inventory being manufactured (new toys) in the amount of 1,000-5,000 units each, and I can no longer create an inbound shipment with these quantities in order to use the AGL program (or any freight forwarder for that matter). Like many of you, I have distributors who depend on me to launch these products on Amazon. Distributors who depend on us as 3P Amazon sellers to leverage what was available to us just days ago. Now, what’s left is a logistical nightmare: dribbling in 200 unit shipments while the rest of the inventory sits in an off-site warehouse. Wasn’t there just a seller poll asking if Amazon has our best interests in mind? I think we all know the answer.


Send me a private message.


FBA allowed a return of my outdoor sports game once and inside was just all the buyers BBQ trash, food, used plates and cups. They wouldn’t reimburse me…


“…and have already reduced our own Retail product ordering to accommodate more of your products and help you continue to see sales growth.”

Not true in our case. Amazon is adding more products that are the same as what I sell and my sales are dropping.


One more time If I sold 50 units can I create again next 200 units shipment? Make me clear please





I am wondering
I also have limit 200 for 1 shipment NEw asin
I have 1000 units in my warehouse in CA, I can switch to FBM as well but I need FBA for PRIME, Does it mean the next 200 units I have to create after I sell that 200?

You don’t have to wait to sell out 200 200 is the maximum number you can have at Amazon warehouses. So, let’s say you sold 50 items, you can replenish/send that amount, as long as you don’t have IPI-based storage limits.




One more time If I sold 50 units can I create again next 200 units shipment? Make me clear please

When your limit for an ASIN is 200 and you sell 50 items, you can create a shipment with 50 items (not 200). Or you can sell 120 and send again 120… The maximum quantity Amazon wants to keep in their warehouses is 200, that’s why they put a limit.


What did you end up doing? I have a lot of inventory going through IND9 as well and they are taking forever to get my inventory processed. A lot of which, like you said, are being checked in 30% or less of what was sent in. We have UPS weights and DIMS and receipts of shipments but i dont know what else we can do to help ourselves besides wait and hope that Amazon does the right thing.


Since the page update, my IPI reflects as 0.


Amazon as of right now there are plenty of sellers being punished unjustly by Amazon policy . A-to-Z claims or taking months to resolve . In many cases sellers bought the shipping label from Amazon & shipped on time but because of shippers not delivering on time the seller’s [Order Defect Rate] is being hit .As a result in many cases because the A-to-Z claim remains “UNDER REVIEW” FOR MONTHS there are plenty of 3rd party sellers that or not eligible FOR THE BUY BOX . So those sellers lose ! because Amazon is so backed up in the A-to-Z claims dept. Don’t you think it is time to STOP LETTING under review effect O.D.R. ? At least until Amazon can catch up with answering the claims in a timely manner and not month’s ?


The restock report shows 81 units sold last 30 days. Maximum units allowed 200. I go to manage orders, 365 orders in the last 7 days (over 400 total units sold). We would typically send 1500+ units for 4Q.

This is simply IT gone mad. For sellers with a good inventory score and solid metrics, why is any of this necessary? Clearly we know what we’re doing. This is going to be such a disaster for the 4Q. We have products we’ll sell 20,000 units during the holiday rush. They are limited at 2000 units now. We’ll sell that in a week and then what? It will be out of stock for weeks until we can replenish. This decision will cost Amazon millions… tens of millions.

What am I missing here?