FBA Changes as we prepare for a successful peak (US)


exactly this. Just show us what the storage limits are. That way we can decide what to do


I agree 100% - Amazon better make a change for seasonal products or they’re not going to have any Halloween costumes, Christmas ornaments, Christmas stockings, etc for sale.


6 months ago, the IPI goal was 1000 and still is, 500 is borderline fail not godlike.


Seriously. I volunteer to move to Seattle and work for $1/year to help Amazon avoid these 100% avoidable issues. I’ll create 3 month, 6 month, 1 year, 5 year, 10 year and 100 year plans with every imaginable contingency. I’ll even draft the FBA on Mars plan.


Looks like another round of cleaning house.


Yeah we do 7 figures. Seasonal products are 30% of our yearly sales.

They have to change this it makes no logical sense. Halloween decorations, Halloween costumes, Christmas decorations, ornaments, stockings etc are all in the top 100 search terms in the 4th qtr.

Trying to change this in July is crazy too. All of us have already ordered inventory based on 4th qtr sales for last year. ASIN limits should be based on last year sales then add additional quantity for growth. Ideally there shouldn’t be any limit for seasonal products though. These products come in and go out fast. We don’t keep much in stock after December its all removed or sold out as it should be.


What do they mean by New does that mean new never listed on Amazon or just new in the sense that you have never sold that particular ASIN?


I’m thinking Amazon will adjust the limits.
Imagine the customer backlash if holiday items are consistently out of stock.
But the lack of forethought on Amazon’s part here is really astounding, isn’t it? Inspires a lot of confidence.


It’s going to be incredibly difficult for people to improve the IPI if they have to wait weeks or months just to get shipments checked in and received.

The same goes for removals- if that’s taking forever as many here have mentioned

People are given a target to meet in a short time frame yet they’re at he mercy of the less than adequate operations at the FCs.


Hopefully these limits mean it wont take a month to check shipments in.


When is Amazon is supposed to release more information about this? Don’t they normally come out with a Q4 report for cubic feet allowance, pricing etc? Does someone will a IPI of 402 have the same cubic feet allowance as someone with 497?


I’m trying my best to contact executive seller relations to get this looked at. It is literally unbelievable to think they didn’t anticipate this holiday/seasonality problem…seems way too obvious.


Ok. Let’s see what others say. My understanding is we can’t ship.


I don’t think Amazon cares about seasonal sellers.

They care about negative PR.

If a story comes out in early November that customers couldn’t buy Halloween supplies because Amazon didn’t allow Halloween sellers to send in inventory, it might change things a little bit.

A few years ago I saw someone explain Amazon’s policies like this… they use tuna nets and if they accidentally kill some dolphins in the process they don’t care.


Didn’t you just take away the Inventory Performance Widget?



This short notice is unfair.

Some of us had stronger than normal sales due to the pandemic, and our supply chains have been disrupted. We are below 500 primarily due to a 40.5% in stock rate. We have replenishment on the water, but won’t be able to have stock in to Amazon by 8/16. We will literally miss that deadline by a matter of days.



I have contacted seller support about this issue, and this is what I, eventually, got …

'Due to Covid19 related activities, removals will be processed when the FC has the capability to do so. This might be longer than the standard 30 Business Day Extended SLA. Please do not cancel the removal as that will not make the units immediately available for sale or removal.

Canceling the removal will cause further delays and can cause errors on the back end that will require manual intervention in the FC and work from a tech team.’


Ditto here. At 496, with a 40.5% in-stock rate.

I feel like we are being punished for moving a lot of product due to COVID. We took it on the chin shipping it ourselves. Then we got killed because we refunded dozens of customers whose product got stuck in a USPS black hole for weeks at a time Now we are given no time, to get that stuff back into FBA to get our score up. We’re in Toys & Games, so heavy Q4 seller.

The awful changes to Seller Central, removing the old Payments Summary (you know, the one where the math worked), and now this. We’re an actual business, with warehouses and stores. We’ve spent years building entire processes and procedures around the various ways that Amazon works, and they’ve just tossed all of that out the window the last few weeks.

On top of that, we’ve had a case open for FOUR WEEKS to address a simple issue with one of our new, better selling items. But all we get is the occasional “Forwarded to the relevant team” email.

Honestly, I’ve never felt so abandoned by Amazon as I do the past few weeks.



This is really terrible for launching new products. We have been waiting for delivery of 2,500 units of a brand new product (no sales history).

We went to create a new FBA inbound order and it’s capped at 200 units (despite our IPI being 681)… what are we to do with 2,300 units for several weeks while Amazon recalculates our allowance?


Those that were limited last year for Xmas because you were below 400 IPI… What was your limitations? Was it the same for everyone no matter what your IPI score was? Was the limitation based off Cubic feet or Units per asin?