FBA Changes as we prepare for a successful peak (US)


For years, Amazon sent me e-mails trying to convince me to use FBA, touting the benefits, and selling me on their service. I slowly started to convert to FBA as I grew my business and realigned my logistics to accommodate the move away from FBM. Now, in one fell swoop, I’m essentially out of business with FBA for this Christmas with virtually no warning.


This is absolutely a problem right now. I had 4 shipments sitting at IND9 for upwards of 26 days before they moved from “delivered” to “receiving”. One of the shipments was completely lost at the warehouse, which of course I had to prove before I could be reimbursed. So much for the “up to 4 days” to enter receiving after delivery.


This is a terrible news for us.

  1. introducing new product is almost impossible now
  2. Seasonal items will be hit hard.


Yes there is:



Do not do this, you will get hit with expensive overage fees



To clarify, it could be 200 units for each new product


Except in our case, we have never sold in oversize so we are being limited to 25 cubic ft. which is only 18 units of our new product. I would be thrilled to be able to send in even 100 at a time but this seems just so difficult to get around…


Please process the removal orders already pending


That’s if they don’t lose it


Hello dear Susan
We are a seller of seasonal goods (Christmas), our IPI is 426, we have been striving to keep it above 400 points, Amazon suddenly notified that the score was adjusted to 500 on August 16, which is devastating for seasonal sellers, which It means that our Amazon storage will be limited, we have prepared a lot of seasonal inventory, this is undoubtedly a devastating blow.
I hope that Amazon can re-measure the IPI scores of these seasonal sellers to avoid storage restrictions. This is a large group of sellers, and I hope Amazon will consider these sellers.
If you can, please give us a reasonable plan.
Thank you.


@SEAmod Hello dear Susan
Our company is a seller of holiday products. Our IPI is 434. Yesterday, we learned that the IPI score suddenly increased to more than 500 on August 16, which means that we are about to face storage restrictions.
Our company has prepared a lot of goods, ready to ship to Amazon warehouse next month, but this situation is not allowed now, which is unfortunate news.
Please help our company, this IPI score is really unfair to us, we mainly focus on sales orders in the second half of the year, and now face this huge disaster.
Please help us and provide us with a reasonable plan.
Thank you


“We’ve been investing heavily for many years to support selling partners like you”, followed directly by “Here’s all the new limits we have to impose because we can’t support selling partners like you.”


Amazon is very good in inviting but once we join their service the reality hits.

Recently I joined Amazon Logistic. Those promises you read in the invitation or brochure is just a castle in the air. The reality is… :crazy_face:


Yes. We have a lot of stranded inventory that is already marked for removal yet it is still being counted against us. Any inventory marked for removal/disposal should not be counted towards the IPI score.


Thanks @Shadow

But forgive if I’ve got it wrong but that only applies to sellers that have a storage limit due to their Inventory Performance Index (IPI) score being below the threshold right?

I currently have unlimited storage and hopefully will be above the minimum threshold requirement of 500 by August 16, 2020. Mine is currently at 761


Then you will still have unlimited storage and there will be no overage fees.

However, there will be ASIN limits. No fees for them as Amazon will not allow you to ship over the limit.


More likely you will!


This is what my initial question was about. What about shipments that were created before this announcement that have a “Working” status? I have a shipment in my shipping queue which is significantly more than my maximum inventory level allowed. It was created before this announcement. It appears i can still work on it, but would it be checked-in and received in light of the ASIN quantity limit?


Hopefully. My IPI is dropping by a factor of 9 every week due to a recent shipment and very slow sales. If that trend continues i’ll be ok.

A question for you @TinySeller as i’m still trying to get my head around this. What if my IPI drops to below 500 after the August 16 date that Amazon have set, say August 29?


Last time this happened I had luckily created my replenishment order before the limits were announced. I shipped the inventory and Amazon did accept it. That’s not to say Amazon will allow it this time. I would say if you can actually ship your inventory and mark the shipment as “shipped”, you should be fine. However, I wouldn’t rule out Amazon cancelling your shipment prior to shipping it.

I’m in a difficult situation because I created a new order 2 months ago in anticipation of Amazon imposing restock limits. Only I haven’t actually placed this order with my supplier. So the question is do I take a chance, place this order and hope I can actually mark it as “shipped” before Amazon cancels it? I’m still trying to decide because I have no place to store my inventory at the moment.