FBA Changes as we prepare for a successful peak (US)


Thank you for the response!


Indeed. Amazon is making me sad I moved to here from Ebay. I have no choice really though


The profit margins will disappear when we account for additional 3PL storage / forwarding.


What a delightfully punitive coincidence of timing. I surely do hope Amazon can figure out before then why it is that every single unit, without exception, that I’ve sent to FBA since June 30 has become stranded, from the moment it hits the dock to the moment it gets checked in.

It wouldn’t be that big a deal - everything’s unstranded again as soon as check-in starts - except that inventory check-in now seems to begin anywhere from 5 to 10 days after delivery. So everything stays stranded for long enough to cause some serious pain. And nothing Support has offered to date (case open since June 30) has any effect.

As a result, my IPI’s taking a pounding for no good reason, and I’m definitely not the only one getting an artificially-mutilated Stranded Inventory metric right before it starts to matter the most.


To be fair, I think they have been sending that message in a number of ways for years now.


I think from this moment we will always have ASIN-level limits. Even when the COVID will be over. This is just money Amazon earns money when our inventory moving but not storing in FCs. It’s being clear with constantly rising long-term storage fees.
No we have to work small wholesale. The problem is that the limit of 3 months of 30 days sales is too small. At least if we could order this amount but no the quantity that is available (max available minus inventory in stock). In this way we have to ship small amounts every month. Doing it overseas is just insanely expensive. Using local warehouse would be a problem near future - many of sellers will use this option and we will see their price also will go up and maybe there will be problems with demand (no space left).

I believe we will adopt to this situation. It will take some time - half a year probably. And of course will rise the prices that the customer will pay.


They know EXACTLY what they’re doing. They know full well that FBM literally saved them on anything that wasn’t COVID related, and saved them from losing market share (or at least as much market share) to other platforms. They WANT everyone to go all in FBM and limit how much Amazon must handle FBA. They don’t WANT FBA this year but they can’t shut it down completely. This does that somewhat without them having to admit it.


To be fair, I think there is a limit to how much Amazon can accomodate. We can only adjust to current conditions and work together, rather than moan about it. There is no shortage of 3PLs around.


. . . because this worked so well last time. I still haven’t recovered from the several-month-period during which inventory limits prevented me from sending any additional inventory until that inventory was so low that it was–and did–run out. Or I’d be allowed to send two units (ordinarily sent in in full cases) to a fulfillment center on the other side of the country at a cost that exceeded any possible profit those two units might generate.

Oh, and the removal order issue? I’m still waiting on a removal order that was placed over four months ago. Another item, which is currently the subject of repeated “required removal” notices from Amazon, cannot be removed because it’s “being reviewed.” I suppose I’ll be dinged for failing to timely remove it, too, and if past experience is any indicator, Amazon will destroy before I’m allowed to submit a removal order for it.


We still have no idea of storage limit under IPI 500, if they make such dramatic changes, they probably should let us know the Q4 storage limit earlier than end of week 6, so we can adapt and plan things earlier than paying for the over storage fees.


I am wondering
I also have limit 200 for 1 shipment NEw asin
I have 1000 units in my warehouse in CA, I can switch to FBM as well but I need FBA for PRIME, Does it mean the next 200 units I have to create after I sell that 200?


Even in Amazon’s own words, those of use that are really more than a few points away from 500 are screwed this 4th quarter:

" Why have I seen my IPI score go down even though I recently improved my influencing factors?

Your IPI score combines the past three months of sales, inventory levels, and costs into a single rolling metric updated weekly. You may have seen your score decline coming out of the holiday season. Typically, when sales are high, as they often are during December, it’s easier to maintain healthy inventory levels. But if sales start to drop off, you still need to continue to manage your inventory levels, using the four influencing factors as guidance.

If, for example, you removed some inventory last week, you may not see an immediate change in your IPI since that’s only one week out of the three months that factor into your score. By maintaining good to excellent influencing factors daily, you should see your IPI score improve over time."


Wow, never heard of anyone with an IPI this high! How did you get that score?


You do have a good point, could be an extreme safety precaution (without admitting it) when FBA centers start shutting down as Covid-19 ravages the US over the next few months.


Welcome to our hel. This is quite common and always frustrating. You have to suffer and survive here.


You don’t have to wait to sell out 200 200 is the maximum number you can have at Amazon warehouses. So, let’s say you sold 50 items, you can replenish/send that amount, as long as you don’t have IPI-based storage limits.


I have no idea how IPI is calculated, but I’ve never based decisions on it and mine rarely changes. I had to hunt around to even find it since it was removed from the homepage. After finding it, my 3 month range is 702-711. Pretty much the same as it’s been for years.


my IPI is 480

3 of the 4 Metrics are Green
The Sell-Though Metric is RED
None of my products have a sell-through above 2, Yet I still get 50-60 total sales per day and I reorder every 2-3 months on average.

Any idea for a quick fix to get above 500?


I think you should increase your sales


I dislike complaining on the forum but since a few weeks; I feel like Amazon is trying to hide something. Dashboard is now naked; what was wrong with the previous one where you could see everything with one look right away.

As for the index; Can someone explain it to me… WAIT… I once talked to the guy who developed Amazon logistic and himself had no clue. Explain me that… Last November 750 of index, running at around few thousand items a week. One week before Black Friday weekend we send a few truck to FC, we lost 175 points on that week… (I sent too much items… really) they were all sold out in the weekend… since my index went up by… well it went up when we were sold out during the lockdown. shrugs