FBA Changes as we prepare for a successful peak (US)


When exactly did you create the shipment and when was it picked up/received? What FC did it go to? Was it UPS ground or LTL?


A friend of mine had a similar situation when they placed limitations in the beginning of the pandemic. He sent in a shipment of 1000’s of units that was created and scheduled for pick up by Amazon LTL BEFORE they placed the limits and it was received without any fees. Im hoping now would be the same.


Whatever they feel like, whenever they feel like telling us.


youll be alright, ive got things still not checked in since june 18th, 25 days and counting


Perhaps if you scheduled pickup and completed the shipment prior to announcement I could see this. But if you finalized shipment afterwards I doubt they would honour it.


A quick question for all. Does closing a listing affect IPI? For example, would closing a listing for several months out of the year help?


Oh yes, it depends on whether you are going above the IPI limit or the ASIN-level limit. IPI likely will charge you the storage fees, ASIN-level won’t if you hadn’t already created your shipment before Amazon dumped this on us without notice.


It means that when you were under the unlimited storage requirements, you had X amount of storage space that was limited.

That X amount of spaced has increased even though its still limited but you get more then before.


I’m so glad that they’ve increased “efficiency” in their warehouses during the pandemic. It’d be nice if I could get my recalled inventory I asked for in April since everything is so “efficient” now.

Glad I’m switching selling platforms.


Bring back the old summary page that shows sales.
Also, I have inventory sitting in your warehouse for 3 weeks now waiting to be checked in.


I have recalled all FBA Inventory. For some reason, customers prefer FBM and I get more orders with FBM.


You right it is…
The moment they receive the inventory they start charge you the overage until you remove it…
unfortunately in my case, I don’t have where to remove it I must sell the overage as fast as I can…


It was green yesterday… :confounded:


Can only send in 200 units of a new product…Anyone have creative ideas for new product launches based on these new stock limits?


I’m a book seller with an API of 430 and 5000 units. Does anyone know what the limit will be or where we could check to find out? Am I in the clear with units? Or will we have to wait until August? This is kind of urgent Amazon should be much more clear about this whole situation. A lot of sellers depend on this income…


Thank you for answering my question. Why do you say i might “pay 10$ per extra cubic foot”? Do you have a link for that? Thanks


I have a simple question…
This goes into affect, Aug 16.
I’m under 500 (425 as of today) , which is unlimited until Aug 16, right?
So, I should send in the bulk of my holiday inventory now, before the 500 IPI goes into affect in Aug…right?


I’m a newly approved seller and was about to list my products…

So to be exact, Amazon is limiting the number of units that new sellers can send to the FBA warehouse to 200? I haven’t listed my products yet, so I can’t check the quantity limits.

Then it doesn’t really make sense to start selling at all…


At some point after August 16, you will start getting charged fees for everything over the arbitrary maximum level they set.


Yes it is 200 for new products.