Fast Refund......Too Fast?


Recently purchased a laptop desk through FBA. Didn’t work out, so at 4:30 packed it up and printed out the return labels. At 5:50 received email from Amazon saying my refund had been processed, and should show on my CC in 2-3 days.

Geesh, I don’t think it had left the UPS store, before they refunded.

Is this SOP?


You are questioning why they gave you a refund so quickly?
Well, sometimes returns are handled differently, and indeed more quickly, than others. It is SOP for Amazon and Amazon’s FBA, but individual merchants may wait until it has been returned.

You +are+ happy, right? :slight_smile:


That is SOP.

When Amazon receives confirmation that the shipping label they gave you has been scanned for pickup at an appropriate location (handed to your mail carrier, scanned at a UPS store, what-have you) they will automatically initiate the refund assuming that the product in the box using the label they provided is indeed the product in question.

Theoretically, you could return a box of rocks and you would still be able to get the refund, though they may come after you later. Last I checked, no one is buying pet rocks.

You may want to read my other post to get a better understanding of the way they work.


Oh, yes. Much room for cheating. Then again like most companies they expect a certain percentage of “cheating” and allow for that in their business models. Makes for 99% of the customers to be happy, and the 1% that cheat, hey they are a small bite of the apple.


They can and DO recharge the card if item is not returned, or if it’s returned in bad condition, or I would presume if rocks are returned.

They have a record of what was sent originally, plus they have access to the credit card. And I know from fellow posters that scams still happen, but someone buying a new vaccuum cleaner from FBA and returning their old one in the box won’t work with them.

That’s why I use FBA for my pricier items. Not foolproof, and frustrating at times, but bottom line, my bottom line is better. And less headches for me. One of these days I’ll dump my under $10 line and spend more time on the beach.

btw, hope your store is dried out and up and running again. Sorry you caught the brunt of a bad storm. Missed you on the boards and glad to see you. You always have my back and I appreciate it.



It just seems like a lot of room for cheating, confusion, paper shuffling.

IF, Amazon refunds me immediately, and I send the “box of rocks” do they have the authority to recharge my CC? If I only send 1/2 the unit back?? If I misused the item and broke it???

When we, as sellers, request a return we wait until it comes back and we inspect it, THEN issue a full refund.

As a buyer, an immediate refund is GREAT. As a seller, when i see a FBA refund notice sent by Amazon, I wonder if EVERY item returned is being returned in full, etc.

I don’t call Walmart and tell them I am going to return something and they assume I am returning the item in the same condition, all pieces there, and automatically refund. They look at what I am returning, and then issue my refund.


Thanks for the info, I figured they must be able to recharge the card, just seems like a bookeeping/paperwork nightmare.

"btw, hope your store is dried out and up and running again. Sorry you caught the brunt of a bad storm. Missed you on the boards and glad to see you. "


Not me, I live in Florida, where it is 76 here today… :slight_smile:


my mistake. . I don’t need to tell you to stay warm and dry then!!!

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