False claims of Intellectual Property & Trademark Infringement by 3PM.ai


This morning we received 2 notifications from Amazon. One of which is alleging Intellectual Property Rights Infringement and the other alleging Trademark Infringement. 3 of our listings in total were shut down.

The company that is claiming to own both of these rights is 3PM.AI.

They obviously don’t own any rights to these products and listings. I already spoke with my sales rep for the products as we purchase them directly from the manufacturer. They have NEVER dealt with 3PM.AI nor ever even hear of them.

Judging from their website, they are some extremely shady 3rd party bot software that scans listings looking for fraud. For some reason, Amazon believes their claims and shuts down listings and sellers.

I tried emailing the contact email on the violation for 3PM.ai and the email of course bounced back.

I went ahead and sent 2 appeals for the violations to Amazon. I simply explained the situation figuring someone would read them and reinstate the listings.

1 of which was granted and the listing was put back up. The other was quickly denied and again referred me to have 3PM.ai withdraw the claim.

This is absolutely ridiculous. Our seller account should not be in jeopardy due to this fraudulent company.

We are going to send Amazon a letter from the manufacturer tomorrow that grants us permission to sell their products on Amazon. We are also considering taking legal action against 3PM.ai and would encourage anyone who gets violations with them claiming to be a trademark holder to do the same.


They are a 3rd party enforcement company, not shady at all, there are tons of these companies out there. Big companies pay these enforcers to… enforce.

What ASIN’s did it catch you on?


How is it not shady to not have an address or contact phone # listed on your website?

The email address in the violation email bounced back.

Only brand owners can file trademark claims.

Also, do a search on here for 3PM.AI.

Lots of shenanigans from this company as they claim to offer legal services.


No, I’m not going to publish my product ASINs so competition can come in and sell the lines that we do.

Read some of the claims on this thread.

They are clearly filing claims on brands they have absolutely no rights to.


I don’t think the Reynolds company contacted him to represent them.


Last I checked Amazon doesn’t… Nor does eBay, NBC, ABC, CNN, Fox…

> The email address in the violation email bounced back.
> Only brand owners can file trademark claims.

And these guys are given rights by the brand owners

> Also, do a search on here for 3PM.AI.
> Lots of shenanigans from this company as they claim to offer legal services.

So your not gonna give us the ASIN’s… That sounds shady


Yes that is very shady of not having a working email address.

I’d post the screenshot, but I don’t want to get in trouble for posting personal information.

The email we sent over was bounced back immediately.

A law firm/copyright place such as this should have their contact information on their website. A business such as this reminds me of RipoffReport. They don’t post their location because their business plan is so crooked that people would actively seek them out.

I’ll be honest with you. The line of products that was removed represents less than 2% of our business. I’m more annoyed that any fly by night can claim trademark infringement without merit and post a bad email address and there’s nothing we can do about it.

One of our listings was reinstated after we appealed claiming this person doesn’t represent the manufacturer and has a bad email address.

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Do you really think people reading this thread are going to want to be in the same position as you are right now?

> Not having a phone # or address on your website contact us page is ultra shady.

I guess the last three companies I’ve worked for have been ultra-shady. We only have web/email information for an initial contact, and we’ll follow up by phone if necessary.

Posting an unreachable email is the more-likely shady part.


Its a services company, not a marketplace or news website.

Apples meets oranges.

Not having a phone # or address on your website contact us page is ultra shady.


Based on our own experience, if you email them from your Seller Central account, the email will bounce.
Try emailing them using your Gmail or any other email account you have and your email should go through.


We tried gmail and our business domain through outlook. Both were bounced.

When you say “personal experience” do you mean that you have personally dealt with this firm before?


Yes. A few months ago, we received warning notification from Amazon because 3pm.ai had filed Trademark infringement complaint against us, according to Amazon. We appealed to Amazon with a copy of the invoice but they would not reverse their decision to relist our ASIN and referred us back to 3pm.ai. We emailed the company from our business email account and we received a response from a Rob Dunkel at rob@3pm.ai, requesting some additional information from us. However, before we could respond to their email request, we received another email from Amazon to let us know that the Trademark infringement complaint was sent to us in error and to disregard their previous email. Best of luck


We received the same information on 4 different ASINs.

We purchase the products directly and contacted the manufacturer if they hired anyone to enforce any intellectual property claims and they said they had no idea who this person/entity is.

We are at a loss on this game of fake intellectual property claims.
It seems like any one can game the system to take competition down.


We received a notification from Amazon about some Asins but they are not in our inventory or can’t search on Amazon.com. We have not listed these Asins…Have errors from their systems ?


If the manufacturer cares about their authorized dealers (you), they could have their lawyer send a C&D letter to 3PM to withdraw the claim against you within 7 days and to stop claiming to own the rights to the product or a lawsuit will be filed against them. What the heck, make it 3 or 5 days.


After contact to Amazon, they sent a message to me and said that it is error…


Hello! It happens the same to me today!!! My one and only product I have, a company, which I send them an email and it bounds back, their website is not available, etc… is accusing me of Trademark Infringement. I sell a Private label product!!! I am not from the USA, I depend on this, and I don´t know what to do!!!

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