Fake stores with tens of thousands books,all with texas post office addresses,killing prices



Regret that I have but one like to give.


They have ordered from me on several occasions and appears to be using my display name as well. OMG!!!



I do not think these sellers are killing prices.

Their modus operendi requires they be able to fill most of their orders. Usually, they have identified a low priced source for their books which allows them to mark them up and make a profit.

This is frequently what the experience of sellers who scan and buy based on what prices are on Amazon and ignore the prices elsewhere on the Internet.

This is a reason why some of the same sellers find themselves with frequent price alerts.


They are killing prices with Amazon’s cooperation.

The typical example is a book that will sell in new or like new condition in the 20-30 dollar range. Thrift books has an acceptable copy at $6.50, Sandy Dunes Surplus lists new at $903.55, and KnowledgePond new at $904.17.

When the Thrift Books copy sells, Amazon informs me that my new copy at 30 dollars is inactive. “We have detected a potential pricing error. The price may be too low.” Nonetheless, several new copies are listed on ebay at $15 to $25.

I try listing higher. Fifty doesn’t work, nor does 100. I keep pushing up the price. Finally, having wasted nearly an hour of my time, Amazon informs me that I can list at $650. There is no realistic chance of selling that.

So I move it to another site. I maybe only sell it for $25 instead of $30, but there is no listing hassle, and fewer return problems. In the net, my hourly income is higher.


are these companies tied to AMI, carkart, and the like?


No. This thread is a about the bookjackers located in Dallas county.
AMI, ergode, Amee, Amy, carkart, etc are located in Richmond, Texas, a suburb of Houston.


Here is an updated list of names that they use.


Bronze Classics

Old Yeller Books


Silver Ocean

Ridgeline Books and Media




Lucky’s Fulfillment

Orange Zebra



Sandy Dunes Surplus



Twin City Rarities

Open Range Media





DFW Textbooks

Sunnyvale Bookstore

Diana Toy Store

AllPro Books

Great American Books and Art


Full Harvest


Knowledge Cat

Texas Book Outlet

Gemstone Wisdom


Busy Bee Bookstore

Insights Library

Most of these are in northeast Dallas county, in zip codes that start with 75. They also have one in Tulatin, Oregon, apparently run by a family member.


They get most of their stuff from library liquidation for little or no cost so they can sell cheap. I bought one of their books for a friend for $1.25 and aside from the library marks its in great shape.


Ummm…is this about the Dallas bookjackers? If so, please tell us which sock account they sold from.


I listed a book yesterday. Before I listed it I checked other sellers for comps. I noticed something very strange. Diana Toy Store shipping from East Stroudsburg, PA has two recent feedbacks both from 08/07/2021. Both 5 star feedbacks. One buyer’s feedback States, “NA”. The other buyers feedback States, “None”. What is this feedback? It is very strange and has to be some kind of feedback manipulation.


I don’t think you can make that conclusion.

You cannot leave feedback without some sort of text. Buyers may not wish to comment, but still want to leave feedback.

Not to say that it is all on the up and up, just that the conclusion is unjustified.


An email from soneone who wishes to remain anonymous reminded me that I forgot one of the most prolific psuedonyms:



I just got an order from “Purchasing”. A message written to them about the order yielded an email showing my email to them and the name was “Purchasing 05”. I was able to actually contact the customer and they bought from Knowledge cat on amazon…I hate these guys.


In another thread, Amazon is being sued for allowing bookjackers.

Most of the sellers that plaintiff complains about are in northeast Dallas.


Of course, it’s possible. I have 40,000 myself.


I see this seller list worthless books for hundreds of dollars all the time. If you google the store, it has 3 feedbacks, all 1-star on google, not to mention horrible feedback on Amazon. Some people have NO SHAME.


What I don’t and have never understood, is how these bad actors get away with this for months to years; and while simultaneously having tons of bad feedback willingly struck out by Amazon blaming Amazon instead, if they are FBA.


A couple things:

1.) Does anyone know what happened to the “Amazon being sued for complicity in bookjacking” thread? It seemed to disappear soon after it was created. Maybe I answered my own question there.

2.) Did anyone else notice that several of the Amazon storefronts seemingly run by the you-know-who bookjackers out of the Dallas area seem to be devoid of inventory and/or have changed names?

For example, FrogCreekMedia is now textlytic

and NBSCA is now Libraryly

and Old Yeller Books is now Yellow Quills

and Silver Ocean is now SilverDocs

and GlobalOnlineCo is now Libramedia


I didn’t know about Yellow Quills. Thanks for posting those.

Yes, I noticed it over the last week or so. Some of the Dallas accounts have changed names, some have disappeared. I think that someone at Amazon is nuking accounts, and the rats are scrambling for cover.

I posted about this yesterday:


D’oh! How did I miss that thread? I’m really losing it. Haha.