Fake chinese sellers in custom


I just found a whole new batch of sellers selling the exact same thing in custom listed under different store names. Each and everyone of these sellers are selling the exact same thing, the exact same images, the exact same copy and the items in Custom are all setup exactly the same.

This is not done by chance. This is not done by coincidence. This is done exactly the same. By the exact same person. The only difference is they have changed the name of the brand and changed the name of the store. And they aren’t very sophisticated or creative - check out these sellers all selling supposedly unique custom products.

store: Billie Simon
brand: Billieise

store: Jennifer Watsonr.
brand: Jeneifers

store: Konggang business.
brand: Tdyalm

store: Yugang business store.
Brand: Carpets

I found 18 identical listings. They are going to keep doing this until it destroys the integrity of Amazon custom. I’ve seen this in November of 2016. Check your history. I was there in the fall of 2016 when I had fake sellers selling my own brand of custom t-shirts. Shirts that I created out of my own head and had copyrighted under my business. And it shut down that business that I had spent 10 years building - overnight.

These sellers were selling my t-shirt designs for less, pushed their target shipping dates outside of their disbursement. They would generate a fake tracking number, tell the customer the order has been shipped, get a few fake reviews, then get their disbursement and ride that as long as they could.

And when I contacted Amazon they told me to go through a long involved process to report copyright infringement that required me to actually buy one of these items, have it shipped to me, then send pictures of their product next to our product. Amazon was only helping them buy encouraging their sellers to purchase from them. They also said that we should contact the infringing seller to report them and give a cease and desist. I did that but due to Amazon’s policy of limiting contact between sellers, those messages were throttled to about 10 a day. I was getting about 30-40 stores a day listing my designs. I gave up after documenting over 300 violators selling my own designs. And they weren’t even getting creative. They had stores that were just peoples names or just random characters they hit on a keyboard. This looks all too familiar

Amazon finally caught on about a month later but by then, the damage was done. My t-shirt business and many others went down. I now only sell maybe 1 of my custom t-shirt designs in a month.

I managed to rebuild my business through Amazon custom because having the feed to upload the custom details created a 2nd level of sophistication that these scammers weren’t able to pull off.

Now they’ve found another loophole. And it all looks exactly like 2016. This isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve been here. If this is happening to you in Amazon Custom - report it. Shout from the rooftops. Email seller-performance@amazon.com. If your sales are down check into this. It could be that someone is flooding your category with fake stores, maybe even selling your own brands.

If anybody has had any luck curtailing this please share. I’ve received little help from Amazon Seller Support.


What you described in your post are sellers offering generic items for sale under their own private label brands. Doing so is not prohibited and Amazon most likely won’t do anything following your reports of them creating duplicate detail pages to advertise the same items.


He said the items/images are copyrighted. So it is prohibited.

Also you have been responding to a bunch of month old threads, seems odd, maybe some setting/filter that you have that is pulling these to the top


I wasn’t there for months, there are thousands of threads showing as new for me.

I always read everything so it will take me some time to go through all the unread posts.