Fake 1 star reviews


Recently I’ve gotten a spree of 1-star reviews of a product all focusing on the word “fake” and all mention trying to remove “sellers like this”. The most recent reviews are not even from verified purchases and are making claims based on the pictures. All of the claims are absurd, including one claiming that the product (a mushroom) is 3d printed. It would be more expensive to 3d print each unit than to just sell the actual product as each one is unique.

These all started shortly after another seller started selling under the same listing. This is a listing that is private label for my brand but amazon allows the other seller because I do not have brand registry. Of course it is not possible that they are selling my brand’s items as I do not wholesale.

This appears to be a campaign to hurt my account/the listing. Is there anything I can do to prevent/mitagte this or bring this up to someone at amazon?

Listing in question: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DWFB46H?ref=myi_title_dp