Fair Pricing Policy


Does anyone know why Amazon would deactivate multiple listings saying my pricing is too high on FBM? Example is a product that i am selling for $5, Amazon is suggesting a sell at the reference price of $1.77 which is far below the Cogs, shipping fee’s and referral fee. The kicker is that another seller has the buybox for $5.88 and they are selling FBM too. This seems unreasonably unfair.


This is Amazon policy. I recommend looking up the ‘Fair Pricing Policy’ in seller help or in google.


Yes, we do know why, the really short answer provided by @ABC_23. And the long Amazon got sued by a lot of states because of $4,000.00 shipping on a roll of toilet paper and $300.00 bottled water during a hurricane. In the long ago times. Basically, Sellers misbehaved, and we all suffer the consequences.


That is cheap shipping! Where can I buy that? Asking for a few dozen friends!


I recall that all the newspapers (ask your father, if you don’t know what those are) disagreed with you.

Must be inflation?


I seem to recall news outlets tend to have issues telling truth. There can not possibly be inflation. Gas has always been 645 a gallon.



Well Winston,






Try adding Min & Max prices to your listing to avoid pricing errors by Amazon.

Example your price is $5 - add Min price $2 and Max price - $10 and update.

You can find min and max prices in “Preferences” on top right corner of Manage Inventory.