Facebook Refund Scam Help Needed!


Facebook Refund Scam Help Needed!

I recently received a performance violation because a bunch of customers started complaining, asking where their refund was. When I asked them why they wanted a refund, they said that they had clicked on a Facebook ad, which led to a Facebook page that promised that if they purchased my products, they would get a refund without returning the product even if they left a negative review. After a few weeks this page was removed, but then another Facebook page was created, offering the same deal. It’s like I’m playing a game of whack-a-mole. These Facebook pages are a scam, as I have never offered any type of refund on our official Facebook page. Our product is on the first page, and apparently our competitors are trying to hurt our products/account by making my customers angry so they complain and leave negative reviews.

I just want to know if there is any way to fight this. I sent Amazon a message, explaining in detail how this is a scam, but of course they left the violation on my account. Does anyone have any suggestions?












an all new improved black hat technique.
is this ad targeting all your items or just one product?
If it is just one item…
remove it now until this is over.
if its all your items…I certainly hope you can get help from amazon on this…
but their track record with black hats is not good.


just one product that is my best selling item


I think I would get a legal team and consult regarding damages from Facebook and identifying who is behind this.


Been years since I used facebook and after reading this probably won’t


This is exactly why you should, to be targeted for ads relevant to your products!



Heard of this?


I’ve heard of this. There are a few facebook groups that will send members of the group a link to an Amazon listing to purchase the item, leave a review, and get a refund. They are pretty organized and will only send each product to a limited number of people in a certain time frame so Amazon does not see a flood of reviews on the same day.

I could see how this could be used to hurt another seller.


I’ve seen the facebook review groups, but the ads for competitors items is geniusly horrid.


It is also, criminal fraud by deception. If OP has a trademark, it should be fairly easy to hold Facebook accountable. Without a Trademark, it will be a little more complex.


We have a trademark but we can’t fight this


First, file an infringement notice with Facebook. That is free.


I understand your point but the problem is you block one page they open second one next day and there is no end of this


After a couple of infringement claims on the same Mark, you now have documented evidence that proves, a concentrated effort to defraud consumers by violating a Trademark, and that Facebook knew and did nothing. This is enough to take to your State’s Attorney General and let them handle the rest.


What State are you in?

California would be a great answer for a fast resolution.


yes i am in California


In or near LA would be even better.

Do you know how to PM via this system? If yes, ping me.


Sure you can.

If Facebook allowed a Facebook user to misappropriate your trademark, then you can threaten to hold Facebook accountable. If you have a competent attorney make that threat, Facebook will give you the user information just to get itself out of the mess.

Then you start criminal and/or civil suits against that person.


There are several Facebook groups doing offering refunds or free merchandise in exchange for reviews. Here’s a comment that someone posted on one of the groups:

“…did you go through with this. I ordered, received, but now cannot get through to them for the first part of the refund. Just wondering if I am the only one experiencing this. The conversation has literally been removed from my messages, like it never happened.”

She ordered and received her item but now cannot get her refund?? LOL

FYI, the administrator of this FB group is based in China.


Lawyer up.

Make sure to contact your state attorney general, file a complaint with the FTC/DOJ and directly with Facebook. The fact that external sources can impact interstate commerce is troubling, but when politicians are too busy pointing fingers at one another there is no time to do the business they were elected to. And part of the people’s business is overseeing the departments that are responsible for ensuring a free and fair marketplace.

Good luck