Event for Payment



I am new to using the MWS API so I apologize for this newbie question. I have searched and searched but can’t find an answer, so I’m hoping the community can provide some guidance.

I think I have gone through and pulled every possible financial event the API offers (this education has been fascinating). Seems that 99% of the financial events are “inside” of Amazon, meaning, they represent transactions to and from my Seller Account Balance. Every two weeks (twice a month), however, one of two transactions occur, either Amazon charges my credit card to resolve a negative balance OR amazon wires money to my bank account to pay me for selling my stuff. The transaction to charge my credit card is represented with a DebtRecoveryEvent and mirrors the transaction I see on my credit card statement. However, I don’t see a FinancialEvent to mirror the payment into my bank account.

Clearly, my naivety is missing something. Can someone provide some insight on how to get this transaction out of MWS?

Thank you for your consideration.


One would guess the Financial Event would be a line item somewhere but I dont think it is, I think the roll up the charges across the various fees and just charge it without a real line item to disclose it perhaps