Even if A-to-Z are covered by Amazon, will it still hurt a sellers account?



It’s getting real tiring of constantly getting “Item Not Received” messages from buyers. I am sure some are legit, but it’s so easy now for buyers to get free stuff on Amazon with a single complaint.

We had been using Shipping Easy but now switched to buy shipping directly on Amazon even though it takes us much more time. This has been proving to be great because now all these “INR” messages we receive we direct them to contact Amazon for support. They will file an A-to-Z, and Amazon covers it and it doesn’t go against our ODR.

Just this month alone we’ve gotten over 10 “INR” messages when tracking shows delivered and they opened an A-to-Z which all got covered by Amazon.

My concern now is do we think Amazon is also keeping track of this as well of how many A-to-Z they are having to cover for a seller? Maybe I am overthinking this, but Amazon does stuff we have no idea about and just want to make sure we are doing everything right and not get our account suspended.

Thank you!


Of course Amazon is keeping track.
But it’s a mess of their own doing, so no sympathy from my end.
I wouldn’t be surprised if they start requesting asking suggesting demanding that you purchase signature confirmation for some buyers (they already started, but it will become more and more common, and I bet that eventually mandatory), but in the mean time, just play by the rules.
Buy shipping through Amazon, scanned on time, sent all the INRs you want. You are covered, your ODR is unaffected, your account is in good stand. Amazon can delight their customer all they want


I have been having a lot of trouble with this. But, Amazon covers the refund from you? They always make me pay, plus defect it against my account. Even if I reship a package.


What about damaged items and box, if postage is purchased through amazon buy aren’t they supposed to cover it?


No, the INR protection does not protect against damaged in transit situations.


Hi @Boost,

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From your post, we understand that currently you are using Amazon’s Buy Shipping services. Buy Shipping ensures that your products are delivered to your customers using a trusted network of shipping carriers.

As you mentioned, one of the benefits of this service is that it helps safeguard your performance metrics. Regarding A-to-z Guarantee claims, you will be protected against claims where a customer reports problems with delivery and Amazon will cover the cost of these claims and they will not affect your order defect rate.

Though these negative feedback or A-to-z Guarantee claims are not directly affecting your order defect rate, we still strongly encourage you to look into the delivery issue if any, identify the root cause, take action to remedy the issues and implement preventive measures to prevent defects from occurring in future orders.

Kindly note that sellers are required to maintain an order defect rate of under 1% in order to sell on Amazon, otherwise it may result in account deactivation.

For your easy reference, we would like to share the relevant polices here:

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