Error opening UPS label in Adobe Acrobat


When we print a UPS PDF label by hand in Seller Central or by using the CreateShipment API call we get an error if we open that label in Adobe Acrobat. The page will eventually open but the QR code bar code is missing. If we open that same label in Foxit reader it is fine. USPS and Fedex labels are fine in both.

Any idea what might be happening? We have the latest versions of Acrobat installed. Not sure why the QR code bar code image is failing to load. We can get by this using Foxit reader at the moment but it is holding back our full automation of printing labels and sending them to our warehouse. We need Acrobat to do that.


What is the error you receive? I’m not sure if QR codes are handled differently from Barcodes but could be a missing font that Foxit has access to for some reason?


“An error exists on this page. Acrobat may not display the page correctly. Please contact the person who create the pdf document to correct the problem.”

I don’t think it is a font issue. I can open the PDF in chrome and Firefox as well. I think there is something about the document that triggers Acrobat specifically and the rest just ignore for whatever reason.

Can you confirm you don’t have this same issue? I tested on more then one computer here and all have the same issue.


Yes I can confirm we’ve never had this issue. I cannot confirm opening via API but all our UPS labels from Amazon and elsewhere open fine in both fully updated Acrobat CC edition and Acrobat IX professional.

Searching for this error text a few of the results recommend doing a re-install. If that won’t cause too many outside issues I’d recommend doing that. Should be pretty painless if you’re using CC.


We installed Acrobat on a brand new computer here and had the same issue. I don’t think the issue is any of our computers.

Just test more. It opens in Word fine. Same error in Photoshop.

We are using Reader DC. We don’t have CC or Pro.

I used and got the following error.

Validating file “xxxxxxxxx_1.pdf” for conformance level pdf1.4

The document’s meta data is either missing or inconsistent or corrupt.
The document does conform to the PDF 1.4 standard.

I feel like they are giving us malformed PDF’s but most applications can open it.

This started in the last couple months I think. For being one of the biggest tech companies in the world Amazon has a lot of garbage issues.


Whats the Label print orientation you are requesting in Seller Central? For CreateShipment whats the LabelFormat you are using?


We use PDF for all labels.PDF is built into our workflow. We are unable to handle ZPL or PNG at this time.


Its possible that the PDF version that Amazon provides has issues. I would recommend to retrieve the PNG and then convert it to PDF and see if that helps.


That is what another person said in another thread. I guess we will have to try that out. Would be nice if they would document these things or respond to my open cases.


I’ve had this issue for over a year. I use Acrobat for USPS and Fedex but then use Soda PDF for UPS.


At least I know I am not the only one. Amazon support still has no clue. I have tested this on many computers now. All the same issues.

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