Entire Shipment Lost with no Resolution



I sent in a shipment of 480 units to Amazon early January using an Amazon Partnered Carrier. It was marked as “received”, but no inventory was ever added. Finally in March I was able to open a case trying to resolve the missing 480 units. I provided signed BOL and there still has been no resolution. They keep sending the same BS message that they are looking into it and will update when they have any new information… Has someone else gone through this? This seems ridiculous because they lost my inventory and have not provided any resolution.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Patience is required. March was not that long ago in Amazon’s eyes depending on the FC and many other factors like transshipments. You will need to wait for a response. Waiting for them can be frustrating but there is no option.


I am a new seller becoming extremely frustrated with this same issue. I have sent in 1000 units and the Amazon seller support team is not helping on the 25 cases I currently have open. They continue to say they will " Look into the issue" But then they either hang up or transfer me to another person who has no idea what I am talking about!!

Why is this happening? Is there any help out there?

Can anyone help me?


Good Evening @Sellerfriend - I know its been a few weeks but I just wanted to follow up with you to see if your shipment issue was resolved. I saw you had multiple Selling Partner Support cases opened about this issue. Please let me know if there are any outstanding questions, otherwise, have wonderful rest of your evening. Thanks for checking in with us on the Seller Forums and for choosing to sell on Amazon.


Just curious why you popped in for a few old posts?
A. Where were you until now?
B. Why did you decide now to arrive?
C. What’s with all new posts?
Not trying to be provocative, just really curious :face_with_monocle:.


Just curious why you popped in for a few old posts?

I think that’s his job. One day I asked a similar question and a Mod explained that they periodically follow up on posts that -

  • Had a case opened with Seller (non) Support
  • Also sought help here in the forum

I had mentioned it made them look kind of clueless, jumping in to months old threads, as if they weren’t bothering to look at the time stamp, but once they said they were purposefully following up on old issues where cases had been opened it made somewhat more sense.

@Cooper_Amazon now makes a habit of acknowledging (:clap::clap::clap:) when posts are older, and that he’s following up on a support case.


Hey There @DaasTora & @racingroxstore - Thanks for thinking about me! I started with a few other new mods in the forums in January of this year. We’ve been doing a lot of listening in the forums. We’ve been collecting and categorizing some of the main issues sellers face (like Brand Hijacking) so we can work on addressing them and create a better experience for sellers.

In regards to older posts, I am reaching out to sellers who have posts that are about a month old to see if they got their issue resolved or if the issue is still on going (sometimes they weren’t resolved and new sellers experience the same issues). I should be wrapping up my follow ups on older posts soon and start working with everyone on newer threads.

Hope you two have a fabulous Friday and great weekend! :sunglasses:

~ @Cooper_Amazon