Ensure your ASINs meet Amazon Detail Page guidelines


Ensure your ASINs meet Amazon Detail Page guidelines

Posts like this from Amazon, in light of the totally uncivilized jungle called Seller “Support” that they force us to navigate in order to even try to get catalog errors corrected, is beyond absurd.

How many perfect catalog pages have many of us created, only to have them bastardized by Amazon itself or by Amazon’s allowance of others to do so?

I bid you good day, Sir.


Problem that is not addressed - it you are an additional seller of a product (meaning you did not create the detail page or post the listing images) and there is a problem due to a mistake (intentional or not) by the original listing creator, why doesn’t Amazon provide a simplified method of allowing additional sellers to correct the detail page so it is in compliance with Amazon policy instead of simply punishing everyone who sells the product by suspending the listing because additional sellers cannot make changes?

We had this problem with a pin we sell (along with 2 other Amazon sellers). The detail page was created by a 4th seller (removed from Amazon for selling counterfeit products) yet they are still listed as the creator of the listing thereby blocking a simple method making changes. The original picture on the listing was of their counterfeit item made in China. We contacted Seller Support and directed them to the a Government web page showing that our picture was of the only authorized version allowed to be sold in the United States (same picture used by the other 2 sellers). When a customer chose 1 of us to purchase from, the picture changed to the authorized version of the pin. But the listing page’s picture (and detail page) never changed. We actually got a rep who knew his stuff, saw that the listing creator was removed from Amazon and corrected the detail page and picture to reflect the authorized version. But that is not the end of the story. A few months ago the original counterfeit picture reappeared on the listing page (the listing creator’s name was never removed and is still there although it does not mean anything as long as the detail page and images are correct). The detail page remains with the correct version fully described, but the picture has caused some confusion with our buyers (because so many purchase simply from the picture and do not bother to read the detail page).

We have seen other sellers who when they run out of inventory, sabotage the detail page and change the title of the listing to a nonsense phrase so that buyers will not find the item until the original listing creator has more inventory. This is another problem Amazon fails to address.

If Amazon wants to promote a fair and honest marketplace, then Amazon needs to have trained reps who can look at a history of a listing and see when it changes simply to affect additional sellers.


Amazon is changing a few things to controll brand registry and listings. They will have the search pickup brand + title, so if the brand is Sony and the item is Walkman 850 it will be really strange to title it Walkman 850 and the Sony to be underneath that text. I find it dumb but hey amazon does what amazon wants. Now it will apply well with all the china amazon brands that are just annoying to read before the item specific title.


You will need to open a case with Seller Support explaining that you have removed the prohibited words, phrases, whatever but the listing is still inactive, please reinstate it. Chances are you will have to go through several stupid canned answers before getting anyone who understands, but that’s what we have to live with now.


What is the edit link in MYI and where do I find it?


I could be wrong but I’m going to guess and say MYI is Manage Your Inventory.


What is the edit link in MYI and where do I find it?

I think it means Manage Inventory, then the edit button is one of the options of the button on the left (depending how you have your page set up). You know, the same place you would go to edit your condition notes or update images.


How about FIXING the APD pages created by AMAZON that you’ve screwed up over the past few years and removed VITAL product details the customers need to make a decision on purchasing or not??

If your a MOD just go check the open case I have now that I’ve been battling with Catalog about for over a month now trying to get these pages fixed and disclaimers put back.

Your removal of the info from the product pages has been causing defects and false policy violations on a constant basis for all the sellers of these products!!