Ensure your ASINs meet Amazon Detail Page guidelines


To provide a good customer experience, it’s important for your listings to meet our product attribute requirements. Please review our guidelines below before creating your listings.

For Product Descriptions and bullet points, do not include your name, email address, website URL, company-specific information, details about another product you sell, or promotional language such as "sale" or "free shipping." Our listings policy also prohibits including seller, company, or shipping information on product detail pages.

In order to create a better customer experience, we have begun suppressing listings from our store that violate Amazon’s Product Detail Page Rules, and Seller Code of Conduct. If an ASIN is suppressed for a violation, you will be notified through the performance notifications in Seller Central.

You can fix the product information to remove the disallowed text through the edit link in MYI or via bulk update with feeds. Once the listing is corrected, your listing will be automatically reinstated within 24 hours and the ASIN will be active.

More information about our Product Attribute guidelines and policies can be found on the following Help pages:


This is a good topic to post about.


This says not to include brand name in the title, but I thought we were supposed to include brand name in the title???


I can’t understand why the brand name should not be “required” in the title.

Title Format: Brand + Series Name + Model Name + Form Factor + “with” Unique Thing* [if applicable] + (color, packaging** [if applicable])


:thinking: I think that brand now autopopulates into the Title from the Brand field entry, when displayed on the PDP.


All hail the new Pricebot, destroyer of sales!


Has Amazon does any testing on the bot they will release to start suppressing pages with these types of words.

Note: I agree with “Free Shipping” but some titles do use the word “Free” but it’s not relating to any giveaway. Like “Oil-Free” for example in some skin care items.


It does!


History would indicate the answer as no. Take the word mask for example - or wipe - words used recently in the CV19 takedowns. Someone will feed a plethora of words that will likely include free, ship, sell etc. and the Bot will zap at will. Let’s hope whoever feeds the bot has spell check so “sail” or “cell” doesn’t get gobbled up too.

And the comment “remove the disallowed text through the edit link” – I don’t know about anyone else, but attempting edits nowadays on an already established PDP (owned by anonymous sources) is often a lost cause.


Why don’t you just block the creation of new ASIN with free shipping, URLs, brand new, etc… etc,

Wait… I know why… because it would make it harder for the WestPacRim sellers to spam the catalog.



Oh. Wait. You are serious.?

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…with manic overtones…


What should we do when we can’t change the page? And it is OBVIOUSLY wrong?

Like this one: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1561630497

If I open a case, will that get fixed?


I have received a performance notifications that said our product Infringed Trademark misuse, therefore Amazon has closed our this listing not for sale.
but we have brand authorized and we have removed the sensitive words from listing,half a month has passed,the listing never automatically reinstated within 24 hours and the ASIN is still inactive.
what should i do?


Sell it on eBay.


amazon has clear said not to include brand name bullet pint and descriptions not to include anything…
amazon does not said anything for tittle …tittle is different so dont get canfuse


No, it does not say that.



We as sellers have to jump through hoops to get any changes done. This includes listings that we created that get hijacked by other sellers. More than once I have been told that I have to create a new listing for my product because someone is selling a different item and changed the listing.

Creative control should remain with the seller that created the listing. Why do hijackers seem to be able to change listings with ease while we have to jump through hoops to correct them back to original?


I have been going back and forth with seller support for a week now to get one of my best sellers reinstated. It was suppressed due to a “phrase” violation the title. Support is useless, they are no help, they respond with their canned email. My title “Magic Bait Fish Oil 8 ounces” is suppressed. It is just ridiculous. I have been selling this product daily for like 7 years and suddenly the Title is wrong? It’s clearly on the product. And the morons in support just keep answering with their canned email. I am ready to pull my hair out. I have to let it go and just sell the product on my store and ebay. I was the only seller on Amazon of this product, now it’s gone…


NO news are GOOD news… I like GOOD news


Someone changed it. Thanks, Amazon employee, whoever you are.