Enforce the use of Amazon Garage for Automotive Parts


Hi Guys,

We are seeing an excessive number of returns on Automotive parts because the customer is not adding their vehicle to the Amazon Garage to check fitment.

It is not only frustrating for us that we get returns claiming that the “wrong item was sent” or “website description not accurate”, even though we sent the part number that was ordered. It is frustrating for the customer who thinks that the item they are purchasing will fit and now have to return the item because it does not fit.

There needs to be a more structured approach for the customer to purchase an automotive product. The current system is not initiative for customers who do not purchase automotive parts regularly. We feel that the customer must add their vehicle to the Amazon Garage before they are allowed to purchase an automotive part. And the fitment notification needs to be more pronounced to the customer.

We are instructed not to include fitment information in the Automotive Listings. But we strongly feel that the fitment information needs to be included in all automotive parts. And this information needs to be visible to the customer. This will not only reduce the number of “will this fit xxx” inquiries. It will allow the customer to visibly check and see if their vehicle is on the fitment list prior to purchasing and there for reduce returns.

This fitment information and use of the Amazon Garage issue needs to be addressed immediately. We find that we are instructing customers to use the Amazon Garage after the fact, and picking up the costs of unnecessary returns by disgruntled customers. As well as taking hits for negative feedback, A-to-Z claims & “defects” in the return matrix. All of which would greatly be reduced if the Fitment Information was included in the listing and the customer used the Amazon Garage.

We are hoping some action will be taken to make Amazon a better selling and buying platform for Automotive parts.


With over 12,000,000 items in the automotive catagory, we don’t have a lot of sellers in automotive come to these forums about the same problems you are having, they must be chalking it up to the cost of doing business.

If you have an idea on a better system for Amazon to use, you can cruise on down to the bottom of this page and click on Contact Seller Support. Select the correct catagory and you will see an area to “make a suggestion”. Amazon does read those and will do something about it if it is a big enough problem.


If you want to see change, present your suggestions by stating:

  1. How it will benefit the customer.
  2. How it will benefit Amazon.

When you’re thinking of the issues you are having… keep thinking how it would benefit Amazon’s bottom line. It will cost Amazon money to implement any change, so they are not going to do it to save sellers the headache of additional customer service.


I came here to make a similar thread. I sell mostly automotive parts and am dealing with an excessive number of returns due to my customers ordering incompatible parts. I wonder if anyone has any suggestions on how to minimize those types of returns until a change is made; it seems as though I only have the power to list the items accurately, and the customer has to make their purchasing decision based on Amazon’s compatibility checker, which appears to be flawed.

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