"Enable single sign-on to access your cross-regional accounts with one set of credentials. " - Loop


I’m posting here because I just continue to get a generic answer from Support -

"I understand that X -> Since this issue is related to UK you will have to contact MWS support for the UK since we do not have access to that information."

Yet my whole problem is that I can’t contact UK MWS Support because I can’t log into that region.

So, full story.

Signed up and got everything setup for US and it was working perfectly. Customer in UK tried to use it and we found out that even though we declared we were operating in all regions, you actually need to do additional registration for UK and JP.

I found where I could switch accounts and saw UK - Registration Pending.

So we started on that.

When doing the UK, you get to a point where you are adding all the Beneficiaries, etc. Filled it all out and hit next and I get an error - "Unable to submit, try again later". So we wait a day - no luck. Tried Chrome, FireFox, and IE. Cleared cache and cookies, normal and Incognito modes. No luck.

Inspecting the network when the button is pressed it complained about a missing phone number - yet the page showed my phone number with a green check that it had been validated (same one I use for 2factor).

So a bug that is impeding me from completing the registration.

Now - b/c I am not registered I can’t actually go to the support page and see my cases or open one up in UK. I instead get to the page where it says - “Continue Registration, Cancel Registration”.

Cool – well I’ll cancel and start over.

Hit cancel and UK is now gone. No longer in the drop down:


So I navigate to it manually and get :

Ok… enable lets me "log in" sends me a OTP - and then brings me back to this same screen. Infinite loop - no errors.

So yeah - that’s where I am stuck.

We already have our app registered and working in US - when we signed up we declared we’d be in all regions. I just want my developer ID what will allow users to register us as their developer.

But between the bug in the submission process - being unable to now sign into UK - and AWS Support telling me to contact UK when I can’t… I am stuck.

Anyone else run into this? Or perhaps know how to work their support system? I just get the same generic message each time, I don’t think they’re actually reading it.


Developer Ids are grant on a regional basis. “Declaring” it does not automatically grant it.

Basically, as it seems you’ve discovered, you have to create a Professional Selling account in each region. Then apply for keys for each (which will be different)

Here’s what I’d try.

  • Clear all cookies and cache (yes that basic)
  • Go to: https://sellercentral.amazon.co.uk
  • Log in with the appropriate (which should be different from your NA/US) email and password.

If you see the error again choose, Sign-in to a different account.

I recently went through the process again and am building notes on it to help others. Just not there yet.

See if that doesn’t allow you to complete registration.


@Oneida_Books - I appreciate the idea, however to luck. I’ve tried Chrome, Firefox, Edge - all cleared cache and cookies - and even in incognito mode for fun.

When it does loop back to the “Enable single sign-on to access your cross-regional acounts” the url does show :
Which, I checked the credentials to ensure they were valid.
No luck.


I think my method wasn’t concise enough.

(This image is linked to the UK login)

Note: - At the bottom is “Register now

If you follow that this is where you create an account for the EU/UK. AFTER that you would link it up.

You have to create a UK account and get Keys to be able to make MWS calls in the EU Region.


@Oneida_Books - You sir are a genious.
For whatever reason, going to it in THAT way worked and I am now back at the step I was originally stuck at.

Something went wrong… Cache, cookies, 3 browsers, incognito window. Nada.

Watching the network when I submit it, the error looks to be :

Yet, everything is filled out…

@Oneida_Books - any tips or secrets here? :smiley:


On this page below … did you put in your US email by mistake OR a NEW email which is only to be used on the EU/UK?



I used the one that is already set-up for NA and JP. So I already have those 2 markets set-up under this single address and I can switch between them in Seller Central (that drop down at the top).
EU/UK USED to be up in that drop down too. Basically I’m trying to get it in there - and also get the registration to not fail.


You can’t do that. EACH Region needs a different email address as I mentioned before …


I racked my head around this for a year now. I’m caught in the same merciless loop as well. :nauseated_face: