Elderly Newbie Question - re: sudden request for MWS information


When I logged into Seller Central this morning, I was given this message:

"#### Action Required: Amazon MWS Security Compliance

You are a registered user of Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) and have Amazon MWS Access Keys. Amazon regularly reviews how registered users of Amazon MWS use and protect Amazon MWS data."

Which lead me to a form that has become more confusing the more I look at it.

I have run WP-Lister for Woo-Commerce for years now - all good. It was so long ago I can’t remember setting it up, or if I even have a developer account with Amazon. When I go to “Manage Your Apps” there are no apps or developer IDs listed.

Do I need to fill in this form?

If so - how do I find my Developer IDs?

I’m not doing any actual developing - just running a plugin, as I have for about 5 years now.

Any help much appreciated.


You can find your developer ID under settings->user permissions (the settings menu is in the upper right hand corner)

You need developer credentials anytime you make a call directly to the mws api (which I believe your plugin is doing on your behalf).

You might want to review the data protection requirements, quite a bit has changed in the last few years. (and prepare a backup plan if you lose access)



You can find your Developer ID under “Settings” / “User Permissions”, then on that page, look under “Amazon MWS Developer Access Keys”.

If your plugin is using your Developer ID, then you will need to fill out the form if you want your plugin to keep working. But it is not just a matter of filling out the form. You need to meet the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and the Data Protection Policy (DPP). I suggest you read those and make sure your environment meets those requirements before filling out the form.

If you don’t need Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for printing your own shipping labels, it is easier to met the requirements. If you need PII, it is more challenging to meet the requirements.

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Brilliant - thank you.

I guess I’ll get in touch with the plugin developers and see what they say.